10 Portuguese Startups To Watch In 2024

In the dynamic landscape of Portugal’s startup ecosystem, 2024 is set to be an exciting year.

A blend of innovation and creativity is driving growth in various sectors, making Portugal a hub for some of the most exciting startups in Europe. Here’s a look at ten standout startups that are reshaping their industries and are worth keeping an eye on.


1. Unbabel – Revolutionising Online Translation

Unbabel Announces Strategic Research to Improve Multilingual Conversational Chat and Advance Customer Service with AI | Business Wire

Unbabel is transforming the translation industry with its innovative approach that blends artificial intelligence with human expertise. Based in Lisbon and San Francisco, this Portuguese startup caters to businesses requiring quick and accurate translations. Their unique model leverages AI for initial translation tasks, followed by refinements from professional translators, ensuring both speed and quality.

This synergy addresses the growing demand for efficient, reliable translation services in our increasingly globalised business world. Unbabel’s technology is particularly appealing to companies seeking to expand their international reach while maintaining the authenticity and cultural relevance of their communications.


2. Sensei – Retail Analytics Through AI

Sensei – DMS AcceleratorSensei is redefining the retail experience by utilising sophisticated AI algorithms to analyse in-store video footage. This Portuguese startup transforms standard surveillance cameras into smart, data-gathering tools, providing retailers with deep insights into consumer behaviour.

By analysing customer movement and interactions, Sensei helps retailers optimise store layouts, product placements, and inventory management. Their technology offers a cutting-edge solution for enhancing customer experience and increasing sales efficiency. Sensei’s innovative approach to retail analytics showcases the potential of AI in transforming traditional business models and tailoring shopping experiences to modern consumer expectations.


3. Sword Health – AI-Driven Physiotherapy at Home

SWORD Health Extends Series A to $17M With Investment From Khosla Ventures and Founders FundSword Health is at the forefront of digital healthcare, offering AI-driven physiotherapy solutions that enable users to undergo rehabilitation in the comfort of their homes. Their innovative approach combines wearable motion-tracking sensors with a digital platform, providing real-time feedback and personalised exercise programmes.

This technology not only ensures accurate and effective physiotherapy sessions but also grants patients greater flexibility and control over their recovery process. Sword Health’s solution is particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or limited access to traditional healthcare facilities, marking a significant advancement in accessible and patient-centric healthcare services.


4. Landing.Jobs – Tech Talent Acquisition Platform


Hiring in Portugal - Landing.Jobs


Landing.Jobs is revolutionising the tech recruitment industry with its unique, candidate-centric platform. Based in Lisbon, this startup focuses on connecting tech professionals with global job opportunities, prioritising the needs and aspirations of candidates.

Their platform provides comprehensive support, from job searching to interview preparation, ensuring a seamless recruitment process. Landing.Jobs stands out for its commitment to empowering job seekers, offering personalised feedback and guidance. This approach not only benefits candidates but also helps companies find the right talent, making Landing.Jobs a vital bridge in the tech employment landscape.


5. Aptoide – Independent Android App Marketplace

Aptoide CEO Paulo Trezentos: European Commission's ruling on gatekeepers is a major step towards a fair digital marketAptoide is reimagining the app distribution landscape with its independent Android app marketplace. Based in Lisbon, this startup allows developers and users to create and manage their own app stores, providing an alternative to conventional platforms like Google Play.

Aptoide stands out for its user-centric approach, offering a diverse array of apps and a unique system of AppCoins, an in-app currency that rewards user engagement. This innovative model not only empowers developers with more control and visibility but also provides users with a more personalised and rewarding app discovery experience, challenging the norms of app distribution.



6. Misk – Personalised Restaurant Recommendations

Misk - Crunchbase Company Profile & FundingMisk, founded in 2016, is transforming the way people discover dining experiences. This Portuguese startup offers a unique restaurant recommendation app that tailors suggestions based on friends’ opinions and personal preferences. Misk’s platform goes beyond basic reviews, allowing users to create and share lists of favourite eateries, making it easier to choose where to dine based on trusted advice.

This approach personalises the dining experience, catering to individual tastes and making restaurant discovery a more social and engaging process. Misk’s innovative use of social recommendations is redefining the culinary exploration landscape.


7. Probe.ly – Simplifying Web and App Security

Probely - Portugal VenturesProbe.ly is enhancing cybersecurity with its intuitive platform designed to simplify security testing for websites and apps. Recognising the importance of robust digital security, this startup offers automated tools that continuously scan for vulnerabilities, streamlining the process for developers and businesses.

Their user-friendly interface and comprehensive reports make it easier for non-experts to understand and address security risks. Probe.ly’s proactive approach in identifying potential threats before they become issues is crucial in today’s digital landscape, making web and app security more accessible and effective for companies of all sizes.


8. Heptasense – AI for Threat Detection and Security

Heptasense - MINI NewCo Lisboa 2018Heptasense is at the cutting edge of security technology, using AI to revolutionise threat detection. Their algorithms analyse human gestures and behaviours through camera feeds, providing real-time insights for enhanced security measures.

This Portuguese startup’s approach allows for non-invasive monitoring, making it suitable for various applications from retail to public spaces. Heptasense’s AI-driven platform is not just about detecting immediate threats, but also about understanding crowd dynamics and behavioural patterns, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive security solution. Their innovative use of AI in surveillance is setting new standards in the industry, offering more efficient and intelligent security systems.


9. Codacy – Automated Code Review Software


Codacy - Products, Competitors, Financials, Employees, Headquarters Locations


Codacy is transforming the landscape of software development with its automated code review tool. This Portuguese startup provides a platform that automatically identifies and fixes coding errors, streamlining the code review process for developers. By integrating with popular development platforms, Codacy offers real-time feedback, improving code quality and saving valuable time and resources.

This tool is particularly beneficial for teams looking to maintain high coding standards and efficiency. With clients like PayPal and Adobe, Codacy is establishing itself as an essential tool in the developer’s toolkit, fostering better coding practices and enhancing software reliability.


10. Defined.ai – AI Training Platform

Defined.ai is a pioneer in AI development, offering a robust platform for training artificial intelligence and machine learning models. This Portuguese startup provides high-quality data collection and processing services, essential for developing accurate AI systems.

Their platform stands out for its ability to gather, structure, and enrich data for a wide range of AI applications, from natural language processing to image recognition. With clients like Amazon and Sony, Defined.ai is not only contributing to the evolution of AI technology but is also playing a crucial role in the broader tech ecosystem, enabling smarter and more efficient AI solutions.


Portugal’s startup scene in 2024 is buzzing with talent and innovation. These ten startups, each a leader in their respective fields, embody the spirit of creativity and technological advancement.

From AI in healthcare to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, they’re not just shaping the Portuguese market but are also making a global impact. As we venture further into 2024, these companies are definitely worth watching.