10 Startups In Egypt To Keep An Eye On

Egypt’s startup scene is buzzing with innovation and potential. From MedTech, to EdTech and AgriTech, the country is brimming with opportunity.

Here’s a look at ten exciting Egyptian startups set to make a significant impact in 2024.


1. Qaddim: Unified University Admissions


Qaddim - University Courses, Rankings & Entry Requirements



Qaddim is transforming the university admissions landscape in Egypt with its pioneering portal. This innovative platform serves as a one-stop-shop for prospective students, providing a seamless and integrated approach to the university application process. By centralising admission procedures, Qaddim not only simplifies the journey for students but also helps universities streamline their enrollment processes.

This service is designed to bridge the gap between educational institutions and applicants, fostering a more efficient, transparent, and accessible admission system. As the first of its kind in Egypt, Qaddim is set to revolutionise higher education access.


2. Tomatiki: Advancing Agriculture Technology



Tomatiki is leading the way in agricultural technology, addressing the critical need for sustainable food production. By harnessing innovative technologies, Tomatiki aims to optimize crop yields and ensure food security for the growing global population.

Their approach integrates advanced agricultural practices with cutting-edge tech, such as AI, IoT, and satellite imagery, to enhance farming efficiency and productivity. Tomatiki’s solutions are tailored to not only boost food production but also to do so sustainably, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Their work represents a significant step forward in the field of agritech, positioning Egypt at the forefront of agricultural innovation.


3. Doctoorum.com: Pioneering Medical Tourism


Doctoorum | Medical Treatments Finder


Doctoorum.com is a trailblazer in the field of medical tourism, offering a online marketplace that caters to the Arab world. This innovative platform simplifies the process of accessing medical care abroad by allowing users to compare prices, read reviews, and book comprehensive medical packages.

It addresses the growing demand for quality, affordable medical procedures by connecting patients with top healthcare facilities around the globe. Doctoorum.com stands out for its commitment to transparency, affordability, and personalised service, making it easier for patients to design their medical journeys according to their specific needs and preferences.


4. Lessonera: Educational Video Games



Lessonera is redefining the educational landscape with its unique blend of video gaming and learning. This startup creates educational video games that are not only engaging but also pedagogically sound, catering to a new generation of digital natives.

These games cover various subjects, making learning more interactive, fun, and effective. Lessonera’s approach leverages the power of gaming to enhance cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge retention. By turning the educational process into an exciting adventure, Lessonera is helping to cultivate a lifelong love for learning among students, making it a frontrunner in educational innovation.


5. Classtimbre: Live Online Education


classtimbre - about


Classtimbre is making waves in the world of online education with its platform for live, interactive learning. It connects students and teachers in real-time, providing a dynamic virtual classroom experience. This startup offers a range of subjects and courses, catering to diverse learning needs and educational levels.

Classtimbre’s platform is designed to mimic the traditional classroom environment, with features that facilitate interaction, collaboration, and personalised instruction. By bridging geographical barriers and offering flexible learning schedules, Classtimbre is making quality education more accessible and convenient, thus playing a crucial role in the evolution of online learning.



6. FarmTopia: Agritech Innovator




FarmTopia is reshaping the agricultural sector in Egypt with its innovative Agritech solutions. This startup provides a state-of-the-art platform that fully automates precision farming, from seeding to harvest. By integrating IoT sensors, satellite imagery, and AI-driven analysis tools, FarmTopia offers an all-encompassing view of the farm.

This approach enables farmers to make informed decisions, enhancing crop yield and quality. FarmTopia’s technology facilitates remote farming management, promoting efficiency and sustainability. Their pioneering work in Agritech not only streamlines agricultural practices but also paves the way for a more sustainable and profitable future in farming.


7. Gowa El7alla: Cooking for the Visually Impaired


جوا الحلة".. تطبيق مصري لتعليم الطبخ للمكفوفين - موقع 24


Gowa El7alla is a unique and inspiring initiative in Egypt, offering an online cooking platform tailored for the visually impaired. This innovative venture aims to empower visually impaired individuals by providing them with the skills and confidence to cook independently.

The platform uses specialised teaching methods and tools designed for accessibility, making cooking lessons understandable and enjoyable. Gowa El7alla’s commitment to inclusivity in culinary education breaks down barriers, fostering independence and enhancing life skills for the visually impaired community. It’s a testament to the power of technology and education in creating a more inclusive society.


8. MedicaApp: Medication Management Simplified


MedicaApp Company Profile: Valuation, Funding & Investors | PitchBook


MedicaApp is changing the way patients and pharmacies manage medication in Egypt. This user-friendly app serves as a comprehensive medication and refill reminder system, ensuring that patients adhere to their medication schedules effectively. MedicaApp’s intuitive design allows users to track their medication intake, receive refill alerts, and even connect with pharmacies for seamless prescription management.

By prioritising convenience and reliability, MedicaApp helps in minimising the risks associated with missed or incorrect medication dosages. This innovative solution is not just a tool for better health management; it’s a vital companion in the journey towards optimal health and wellness.


9. Taskty: Home Services Made Easy


Jobs and Careers at Taskty.com, Egypt | WUZZUF


Taskty is transforming the home services industry in Egypt by providing a convenient online marketplace for a wide array of home-related services. Whether it’s cleaning, maintenance, or other household tasks, Taskty connects users with reliable and skilled service providers.

This platform simplifies the process of finding and booking home services, offering a hassle-free and efficient solution for busy individuals. Taskty’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that users have access to the best service providers in the market. In an era where convenience is key, Taskty stands out as a one-stop solution for all home service needs.


10. Re-tag: Fashion Resale Marketplace


Retag - Fashion Resale Marketplace


Re-tag is changing the fashion industry in Egypt with its unique resale marketplace. This online platform offers a sustainable solution for fashion enthusiasts to buy and sell pre-owned and new fashion items. By promoting the reuse of garments, Re-tag contributes to reducing fashion waste and encouraging a more circular economy in the industry.

The platform caters to a wide range of styles and brands, making it a versatile and appealing option for diverse fashion tastes. Re-tag’s innovative approach not only taps into the growing trend of sustainable fashion but also offers an accessible, economical way for consumers to keep their wardrobes fresh and trendy.


These ten startups show the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive in Egypt, contributing to the country’s growing reputation as a hub of technological and entrepreneurial innovation. Keep an eye on them as they shape the future of their industries in 2024 and beyond.