18 years of experience and research leads to the latest vertical mouse

On average, we use the mouse about half the time we spend at the computer. The right mouse is therefore an indispensable part of your workplace. That is why we are introducing the latest vertical mouse, Evoluent D. This mouse has been developed on the basis of over 18 years of experience and research.



How does the Evoluent D distinguish itself from the other Evoluent 4 and C?

Shape: the mouse is shaped in such a way that your fingers are in the ideal position; this allows a better fit of the palm of the hand, which gives you a better posture of arm and wrist; the Evoluent 4 is more convex, so the connection is slightly less than with the Evoluent C and the Evoluent D. The grooved buttons (see red arrow) improve the grip. This is an important and patented innovation.



Versions: The Evoluent C and 4 have two versions. The Evoluent D has at the introduction 2 versions (and later there will be a third (large) version) so that there is always a version that fits perfectly on your hand. In addition, these 3 Evoluent mice are all available in a wired and wireless version.

Technique: A newer mouse also means further development on the technique. The latest technology is incorporated in the Evoluent D. It also has an updated laser sensor. This makes the sensor react even better and more accurate.

Design: With the Evoluent C we have already made a leap into a tighter and more modern design. The Evoluent D is completely in line with the wishes and requirements of our time. This new mouse has more chromed surfaces. In addition, the mouse has an antigrip part (see red arrow), which means that you lose your grip less. But the modern design is not at the expense of ease of use.

New functions in the software: The mouse manager has been expanded with new functions; (1) this way we can program practically any button with any desired function. (2) In addition, you can also set the eye comfort in the manager. This eye comfort check allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen in different situations in order to reduce the strain on the eyes. (3) And you can speed up scrolling. The software can feel your scroll speed whether you are using one gear on the scroll wheel or many on the scroll wheel, depending on the speed at which you are rolling the wheel.


Unique: The Evoluent D has a magnetic battery cover. You can’t lose the lid, the tab of the lid can’t break off or become too flexible, so it doesn’t fit anymore. The Evoluent C and 4 do not have this.

The Evoluent D is not the replacement for the Evoluent 4-series or the Evoluent C, but is a new line that comes next in the series. Visit BakkerElkhuizen.co.uk for more info.