3 Tech Jobs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

It’s seemingly true that the only constant in the tech sector is change. The industry is growing exponentially as new technologies constantly emerge and existing ones become more advanced.

As the demand for tech goods and services increases, so does the need for individuals who can research, develop and distribute them. Considering the diversity of tech, there are some truly weird and wonderful professions in the industry. To pay tribute to its remarkable uniqueness, we’ve looked at three tech jobs you’ve probably never heard of.

1.    SAP consultant

Barring the big five tech companies, the biggest non-American software company in the world is SAP SE, a German-based behemoth with almost 80 bases worldwide. Thanks in particular to its flagship SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, SAP has now become an industry in its own right as the company’s products become increasingly used across the globe.

Consultancy is the most common SAP career, with SAP consultants helping some of the company’s 425,000 customer businesses implement, harness and maintain its software solutions. Day to day tasks include troubleshooting, creating user guides and other support materials, and analysing organisational needs to recommend SAP-based solutions.

SAP recruitment experts Eursap sum up the benefits of becoming a SAP consultant, stating that it “offers challenging work, teaching cross-transferable skills and offering on-the-job learning. It is well-paid, in demand, and offers great career progression opportunities.”


2.    Drone pilot

Some pilots fly colossal commercial Boeing 777 jets, others fly private helicopters for the rich and famous, and some fly drones for a living. Yes, you read that right — drone pilots are paid to navigate the small flying robots otherwise known as unmanned aerial systems (UASs), with around 200,000 in the US alone.

With drones becoming increasingly used for purposes including surveying, filmmaking and aerial photography, the demand for drone pilots is naturally growing too. As explained by 4 Corner Resources: “A drone pilot controls a drone, causing it to take off, stay on course, perform any required actions, and land safely.” As part of this, they “conduct safety tests, oversee vehicle performance, and assess drone systems’ capabilities”, among other things.

A drone pilot career offers many advantages, including the opportunity to work in a growing and dynamic field with cutting-edge technology, as well as lots of flexibility and the chance to work in a range of settings.

3.    Ethical hacker

Hacking is widely considered to be a nefarious activity, as hackers usually infiltrate computer systems or networks for malicious purposes like theft, revenge, sabotage or vandalism. But you can actually become a professional hacker and do good, should you be employed as an ethical hacker.

Otherwise known as white hat hackers, these professionals “view security from the adversary’s perspective in an effort to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors.” This enables cybersecurity teams to mitigate these weaknesses by creating a patch before any genuine attacks can happen.

Ethical hackers may be independent freelancers, work directly for a dedicated cybersecurity firm, or be an in-house employee safeguarding a company’s website or apps. With more companies relying on their services, there are greater opportunities for ethical hackers than ever before, as well as good pay and lots of flexibility, among other benefits.