42% of Gen Zers Have Used ChatGPT To Help With School Work

Just a quarter of students report that their school has spoken to about the technology, according to Yubo 


Almost half of Gen Z in the UK (42%) who have heard about ChatGPT have already used the service to help them with their school work, according to research from Yubo, the live social discovery app with over 60 million Gen Z users globally.

Alongside this, 46% of school leavers noted that they would use the technology to help with their university or college application. However, despite rising concerns among schools only a quarter of students (23%) noted that their school or university has spoken to them about this.

Although friends remain the first port of call for guidance on personal matters, 49% of young people would ask ChatGPT for help resolving work and friendship issues they don’t feel comfortable raising with those around them in person.



Looking to the future, on the whole Gen Z aren’t concerned about AI replacing jobs, with 54% comfortable that there will still be jobs that require the human touch.

While Google remains the top choice for young people to search information (74%),  14% of Gen Z noted they would use ChatGPT over Google and TikTok (6%).

Gen Z believe that ChatGPT is a technology that is here to stay. Only 15% thought that it was a passing trend while 78% believe it will have a long term impact.

Commenting on the findings, Sacha Lazimi, CEO and co-founder of Yubo says: “The rapid rise in popularity of ChatGPT will no doubt have an effect on many corners of society. Gen Z in the UK appear to be leaning into this technology, are excited about its opportunities and have embraced how it can help them with tasks and queries. While there must be education and rules put into place around how the technology can be used, it will be interesting to see how Gen Z will use AI and other technologies to enhance their daily lives.”