5 Apps To Help Protect Your Children On The Internet

In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. While it provides a platform for us to connect with others, it can also pose a threat to children’s safety.

As a result, many parents are concerned about their children’s safety on social media platforms. Fortunately, there are many apps available that can help protect children on social media. In this article, we will discuss five such apps.


Bark is a comprehensive app that can monitor over 30 social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It uses advanced algorithms to detect potential threats such as cyberbullying, violence, and online predators.

Parents can receive alerts when Bark detects any concerning activity on their child’s social media accounts. Bark also provides advice on how to address the situation.
Bark - Parental Controls - Apps on Google Play

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a popular app that helps parents monitor their child’s online activities. It allows parents to filter out inappropriate content and restrict access to certain websites.

Net Nanny also provides detailed reports on their child’s online activities, including social media use. Parents can set up customised alerts that notify them when their child accesses inappropriate content.
Net Nanny: Parental Control Software & Website Blocker | Net Nanny



OurPact is an app that helps parents manage their child’s screen time. It allows parents to set time limits on social media use and block access to certain apps or websites.

OurPact also provides a location tracking feature that enables parents to track their child’s whereabouts in real-time.
Control your child's online time and schedule with the OurPact App


Qustodio is a parental control solution to make it easier to keep kids safe online and develop healthy digital habits.

It enables parents to supervise their device use and help them get screen time balance so they can help their kids be safer – and smarter – with their phones and computers.
Qustodio Review | PCMag


Mobicip allows parents to seamlessly manage their child’s screen time using daily screen time allowance, blocking specific apps, blocking specific websites, blocking texts, and creating daily screen time schedules that fit their child’s routine.

For example, during school, Mobicip blocks apps and websites that can be a distraction but allows the phone to work for educational purposes.
Mobicip Review - Review 2020 - PCMag UK
In conclusion, social media can pose a threat to children’s safety, but there are many apps available to help protect them. The apps mentioned above are just a few of the many apps available that can help parents monitor their child’s online activities and protect them from potential threats.

Parents should research and choose the app that best suits their needs and their child’s online activities. Ultimately, the goal is to keep our children safe while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of social media.