60% of Badi users would pay a higher price for a flat with terrace or balcony after lockdown

  • The leading long-term rental platform has found that 55% of its users have stayed with their flatmates during lockdown

Nearly two-thirds of Badi users (60%), the leading long-term rental platform, would now be willing to pay more for a flat with a terrace or balcony after lockdown. This is according to new data from Badi, who surveyed flat seekers to learn how housing preferences may have changed after three months of lockdown.

According to the survey, 55% of users chose to stay with their flatmates during lockdown, while 75% note that their home was adequately equipped to face lockdown requirements. In fact, 73% of Badi users found that sharing a flat has improved their time spent during lockdown. Nearly a quarter (17%) did not have access to a private outdoor space as part of their flat, while 12% found that their rooms were not optimised for working from home.

New criteria when choosing a new place to live

Regarding preferences when looking for new housing, 31% of users confirm that their requirements in a flat have changed as a result of lockdown: 54% say they now prefer to live in the city centre, compared to 42% who opt for the suburbs. Badi also found that that 61% of users value their room more when choosing a flat, compared to 34% who prioritize common areas.