7,000 High Streets to Re-Open Today After Covid-19 Lockdown

Around 7,000 high streets are se to re-open today as the ‘retail returns’ following a 3-month closure due to Covid-19, TechRound reports.

The re-opening will be hugely welcomed by millions of employers, staff and customers – many of whom have been living in uncertainty over their wages and employment future.

However, to be up-to-date with Covid practices, retailers have been urged to fulfil a certain criteria to maintain hygiene including the use of visors, plastic screens, gloves and hand sanitiser.

For Primark, they will be re-opening over 130 stores across the UK and operating on a one-in and one-out customer basis, and customers may not be allowed to try on clothes.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC), is urging the public to “play their part” in making shopping safer by following five key steps. These include maintaining social distancing, following instructions inside and outside shops, adhering to hygiene measures and respecting shop staff.

Helen Dickinson, BRC’s chief executive, said retailers had been “working around the clock” to create a safe shopping environment.

“Our shopping experience may be changing, but if we all follow the necessary social distancing measures and show a little consideration to those around us, then everyone will be better off,” she added.

To prevent a second wave of coronavirus, all stakeholders must show their respect and maintain practices like social distancing – something which gets easily forgotten when time passes and normality resumes.

Office spaces continue to be open and many have been during lockdown, only relying on their own company policy as to whether staff members can attend or not. But more than half of the UK’s population continue to work remotely or at home by choice.

From 4th July, more non-essential businesses will resume work including hairdressers, physiotherapists, beauty salons and pubs.