A Chat With Sarah Lawrence, Founder at Beauty Booking Platform: 10outof10


10 OUT OF 10 is the pioneering inclusive and accessible booking platform for hair, beauty, and wellness services. Our platform connects clients with local service providers, allowing users to search for specific treatments in their area, view portfolios, read reviews, chat directly with providers, and book and pay securely.

We empower entrepreneurs by helping them easily manage their appointments and expand their businesses. Our accessibility filter ensures clients can find providers who accommodate their specific needs, including service providers who have specific requirements when traveling to clients.

10OUTOF10 | Book hair, beauty & wellness treatments

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For The Company?


The idea for 10 OUT OF 10 came from a personal experience. While searching for a lash technician in a new area, I found it incredibly time-consuming to navigate social media and Google for options.

This inspired me to create a platform where users could easily search for treatments by location, view portfolios, and book with confidence based on the provider’s previous work.



What Do You Think Makes This Company Unique?


10 OUT OF 10 stands out because of our thorough vetting process, ensuring all service providers have the necessary qualifications for their treatments. We prioritise client safety and foster a community focused on inclusivity and accessibility. Our unique pricing model charges providers only when they get paid, with a low 4.75% commission that includes payment processing fees. During our BETA phase, we offer 0% commission for life.

We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses without the burden of high commission fees, subscriptions, or upfront costs. We have done extensive market research on what service providers need in a platform and are working to incorporate every single feature they have requested to provide them with the perfect booking platform.


What Can We Hope To See From 10 OUT OF 10 In The Future?

Looking ahead, 10 OUT OF 10 aims to enhance inclusivity and accessibility within the industry. We are developing version 2 of our app, featuring a more aesthetic design, innovative features, and improved user-friendliness. We plan to establish strategic partnerships and become the go-to platform for booking hair, beauty, and wellness treatments.

Our objective is to help service providers expand their businesses and become fully booked. We also plan to host award events to celebrate our providers’ progress. Our vision includes building a vast community across the UK, eventually expanding into Europe and globally, ensuring that finding the perfect treatment is easy no matter where you are.