ABC Mobility Group launches Mobility in Motion

The company is on a mission to support those with unique mobility needs, regardless of complexity.


Mobility in Motion, a groundbreaking initiative with a resolute mission to revolutionise the landscape of driving aids and vehicle adaptations, has officially confirmed its UK launch.

While it is coming to market as a new company, Mobility in Motion is part of the ABC Mobility Group which boasts 40 years of industry experience.

Specifically, Mobility in Motion has been launched to leverage its cutting-edge technology and UK-leading experts in the field to reimagine the driving experience for all individuals and foster inclusivity on every road.

Following the launch, the business, which is based in the East Midlands, has become the exclusive distributor of both Autochair and Brig-Ayd products within the UK, simplifying the way its customers can purchase both ranges and arrange the installation anywhere in the UK. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the product range will expand in the coming months.



Matthew Walker, Group Managing Director at ABC Mobility, said: “We have launched Mobility in Motion to enable our customers to live independent lives through a broad range of market-leading products.

“Although we are a manufacturer of several leading adaptations, we realised that to provide a solution that fits no matter how complex a customer’s needs, we required a more comprehensive range of products.



“Mobility in Motion has been formed to aggregate the market’s leading manufacturers and provide our customers with the very best choice of adaptations, which are installed locally through our network of experienced and customer-focused installation partners.

“We are committed to breaking barriers and extending unparalleled support to those with unique mobility needs, regardless of complexity.

“Our unwavering dedication to changing lives and empowering independence is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is simple – to grant people the freedom they deserve, allowing them to embrace car travel with ease and comfort, irrespective of physical challenges.”

Discover more about Mobility in Motion here.