ActiveCampaign Enhances Transactional Communication Through Latest Acquisition of Postmark & DMARC Digests

Today’s consumers have unlimited choices, making it harder to keep customers and earn new ones. The deciding factor for purchase often comes down to the relationship with the brand, making every interaction a crucial touchpoint.

With important communications coming from unique one to one messaging such as order confirmations, billing notifications, as well as sales and marketing messages often used to create and nurture customer relationships, it’s critical that communications are unified and create a cohesive experience. This can be hard for growing businesses, as transactional communications often come from tools outside of sales and marketing, making it difficult to align messaging. Unlike promotional emails, which are bulk distributions of the same content to many recipients simultaneously, transactional emails are functional and provide an anticipated update to an action or a request made by the recipient. Currently, transactional emails are mostly handled by developers and the current experience is less than ideal. This is because most of these emails don’t offer additional support and don’t allow customers to respond.

According to new ActiveCampaign data, more than half of consumers are frustrated by no-reply email addresses that aren’t set up to receive incoming mail (e.g. noreply@ ), and 29% have actually stopped shopping with a brand because of these emails. Furthermore, 65% of consumers want to be able to respond directly to transactional emails when they have questions or issues about a purchase.

ActiveCampaign aims to solve this issue through its recent acquisition of Postmark, one of the fastest-growing transactional email services on the market and DMARC Digests – an email authentication and monitoring service. This initiative looks to eliminate fragmented messages and separate conversations coming from marketing, sales, and transactional events, and instead offer a replacement experience featuring a single stream of communication powered by ActiveCampaign’s industry-leading Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA). As a product-first company, ActiveCampaign plans to keep investing in, and prioritising its roadmap for innovation.



“Our commitment to our customers has been to help them grow by maximizing customer experience with automation and today, we continue to deliver on this commitment,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “It’s important to note, transactional communications have historically been limited to those with coding knowledge and API experience. In integrating the ActiveCampaign and Postmark platforms, we’ll be opening up the power of transactional email to non-technical users by allowing them to send transactional emails with automation, rather than custom coding and APIs. This is a true game-changer for the market. Just as important to note, this has been one of our most requested features by our customers, and will help retain, attract and grow usage.”

Customers will now have the ability to understand all their customer data and gain a full picture of their communications, allowing them to send the right message, personalised in the right way, at the right time.