Businesses Whose Side Hustles Became Their Main Jobs by Utilising Customer Experience Automation

Data from GoDaddy and the University of Kent in May 2022 found that a third of microbusinesses are run as side hustles alongside another job. It’s easy to see why, as it gives people the chance to turn their passion into a profitable business while still enjoying the financial stability of their 9-5 while they grow.

In fact, a recent survey by Customer Experience Automation company ActiveCampaign, found that 45% of all consumers (and 56% of students) have considered starting a small business in the past year. And with the pandemic, many people with side hustles have decided to make more permanent changes to their lives by quitting their full-time role and investing all their time and energy into their side hustle.

And it’s not just the businesses that have changed since the pandemic – consumers have too. According to the research, 30% of the consumers surveyed also wanted to support small businesses over big brands because they acknowledged the recent struggles and fewer resources available to small business owners.

ActiveCampaign’s survey also found that despite inflation, 43% of consumers would prioritise shopping with a small business if they offered a personalised 1:1 experience and aligned values. For many side hustles, the passion and expertise become the foundation of their business and the reason why consumers choose them over larger corporations.

For Dominique Blechman and Gabriel Moreno, ArTea Tienda de Té was founded almost by chance after Gabriel bought a teapot for Dominique for her birthday. In the process of researching for the right gift, Gabriel found a website for sale and saw it as an opportunity to combine her passion for tea with his interest in technology. Upon buying the website, the online family business ArTea was born which now sells tea to both consumers and wholesalers throughout Chile.



For small businesses starting out, it can often feel overwhelming and time-consuming dealing with production and marketing, as well as trying to sell their product or service to consumers. Having the tools to make a side hustle into a business often involves researching which martech solutions are required to reach the demands expected of consumers.

This became a key consideration for Lena Andersson whose passion for running and a tour from a friend in an unfamiliar city led to the creation of Go! Running Tours. The realisation that her passion could become a business led her to quit her job and embark upon a global running tour business. However, as she soon found out, once the company evolved, her marketing and sales needed to become smarter. This led her to look towards marketing automations to deliver that 1:1 experience to consumers that reflected the values of the business.

It is often those feelings of needing to do it all which can hinder any aspiring entrepreneur with a side hustle from making their dream happen. With the right strategy in place, these issues can be eliminated, such as making use of automations to meet customer expectations.

For Laboratoire Hollis’ founders Mathilde Scheuer and Thomas Hugonnenc, they knew its target customers expected a relevant, personalized experience. However, as a small team of two, it needed strong automation to run marketing activities, so Mathilde could get as close to the customer as possible. She wanted to make each person feel like her most important customer with personalised content and tailored guidance.


Hollis Active Campaign


By utilising ActiveCampaign’s powerful automation and segmentation capabilities, Mathilde could easily reach the right audience and initiate a meaningful relationship with each person. Her sales are directly linked to the email communications she sends, and since Hollis’ online store was launched, she has generated €2,600+ in revenue from campaign and automation emails.

For ArTea’s founders Dominique and Gabriel, developing a simple web domain for a tea shop into a thriving full-time business is a testament to what hard work, passion and strategy can achieve. Through automations and ActiveCampaign’s CRM, it has been able to help clients when they need it, without worrying about routine tasks. By reducing a significant amount of time spent on manual tasks, Gabriel was able to dedicate more time focusing on the business, which led him to join the company full time with Dominique.

For these three businesses, the ability to turn their side hustle into a job came about through determination and passion, alongside a clear marketing strategy. By utilising tech automation, they were able to grow their businesses and continue offering consumers that personalised experience at scale.


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