Creators of AdGuard Ad Blocker Are Now Presenting Their Own VPN


– Written by the AdGuard team – 

If you are an advanced Internet user, you probably already got your web ammunition: an antivirus to protect you from online threats, and an ad blocker to remove all kinds of spying trackers and annoying ads. It seems that you’ve got it all covered and can enjoy your online security (and serenity). 

But what about true privacy? Surfing anonymously without geo- and content restrictions, keeping your online activities to yourself. That’s where a VPN comes in handy. And taking into account recurring data leaks reports you really need the one you can trust.

Good news: the developers of the acclaimed AdGuard ad blocker are now launching their own AdGuard VPN!




“So many people asked us in the past if we were going to develop a VPN, and every time we answered that it’s not really our area of expertise. But one day we thought: “Hey, why not? We’ve got a lot of experience in privacy protection and other adjacent areas, we could do it!” And so we did.” AdGuard team


What It Has to Offer


AdGuard VPN has the essential features for any modern VPN like Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, Wi-Fi auto-protection, with the upcoming Torrents and Streaming support. In addition, it offers some other unique features:

  • Own VPN protocol AdGuard team has developed its own secure VPN protocol, and it’s main advantage is that it masquerades as normal traffic and is therefore more difficult to be tracked and blocked.
  • Exclusions lists Makes it possible to enable/disable VPN on certain websites only. 
  • DNS servers  You can choose from AdGuard’s own ones or the ones from Google, Cloudflare, Cisco, or IBM). Using a DNS, you can partially block ads, remove ad trackers, or block adult content.
  • Servers’ pings — AdGuard VPN shows a ping of each location. To put it simply, ping is the time it takes for a data packet sent from your computer to reach the server and return back. That is, the closer the server, the lower the ping. The lower the ping, the higher the speed.
  • Compatibility with AdGuard ad blocker — AdGuard VPN is the only VPN that is technically capable to work correctly with AdGuard ad blocking solutions.

AdGuard VPN is already available an Android app, iOS app, extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers, and a desktop version coming very soon for Windows and Mac platforms. 

Although the first available versions of AdGuard VPN already gathered quite a number of users, AdGuard team reports that the work is still in progress, new features are being constantly added and polished to get ready for the official release on all platforms.