AI Expert: The Hottest New Job For 2024?

As we step into 2024, the job market is seeing a shift, with AI expertise becoming a highly sought-after skill.

And it makes sense. The rapid advancements in AI technology mean the sector now needs more professionals working within the field. Let’s delve into why a career in AI is becoming one of the hottest new jobs for 2024.


The Surge in Demand for AI Skills


The corporate world is increasingly looking for people who can navigate the complexities of AI. The range of roles is diverse, including AI developers, engineers, strategists, and consultants. These opportunities are not confined to the tech industry alone; they also exist across a range of sectors, from innovative startups to established businesses.

Statistics show that this trend exists: there has been a staggering 250% increase in AI-related job postings between July 2021 and July 2023. LinkedIn’s research also shows this surge, revealing a 21-fold increase in job listings mentioning ‘GPT’ or ‘ChatGPT’ since November 2022. This data points to an undeniable surge in the demand for AI expertise.


Lucrative Opportunities In AI Careers


Beyond the intellectual stimulation it offers, a career in AI is also financially rewarding.

High-profile examples, such as Netflix offering up to $900,000 for an ‘AI Product Manager’ role, show the significant earning potential in this field. These salary offers reflect the high value that the market places on AI skills, making it an attractive career path for those seeking both professional growth and financial security.


Courses To Help You Become An AI Master


While the traditional route into AI has been through degrees in computer science or engineering, there is a growing trend of people moving into the field through alternative learning methods.

Online educational platforms have reported an increase in enrollments for AI-centric courses, indicating a wider interest in acquiring these skills.

Topics covered in these courses are extensive, ranging from machine learning to AI programming. In fact, there are a number of courses available to help you upskill today, such as:


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Machine Learning Specialization

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Building Systems with the ChatGPT API

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AI’s Future Impact


AI’s potential is not limited to the tech sector; its influence is sprawling across various industries. LinkedIn research suggests that many U.S. executives plan to escalate their AI usage, with a substantial number believing it can help to enhance productivity. This forward-looking perspective is mirrored globally, as industries from healthcare to entertainment increasingly rely on AI technologies.

Industry experts like Peter King from AI-ProductReviews have noted a rise in demand for AI professionals in recent years. He forecasts an ongoing increase in AI-related job opportunities, including a variety of roles including freelance positions, as we progress through 2024.




In conclusion, the AI job market is booming, and its rise suggests that AI expertise will remain highly sought after. For those interested in a career at the forefront of technology and innovation, AI presents a golden opportunity.