How Are AI-Powered Threats Changing Cybersecurity?

The “State of AI Cyber Security 2024” report by Darktrace outlines the reality of today’s cybersecurity environment, affected increasingly by AI. This detailed analysis draws on responses from nearly 1,800 security professionals across a range of industries globally, offering a clear view of the ongoing situation:

  • 74% of those surveyed have experienced AI-powered cyber threats against their businesses.
  • A larger portion, 89%, anticipates these threats will persist, impacting their businesses.
  • Notably, 60% admit their readiness to counter such threats is lacking.


How Are Businesses Reacting?

In tackling these AI-driven threats, there’s a notable pivot towards AI-based defense mechanisms. The survey gets into the confidence levels within the industry regarding these technologies:

  • About 96% of respondents advocate for the adoption of AI-driven security measures to enhance their defensive capabilities against cyber threats.
  • Also, 71% are trusting in the ability of these AI-based solutions to effectively identify and block AI-driven threats.



Knowledge and Preparedness: Is There a Gap?

The report raises concerns about a knowledge gap in the industry, particularly regarding the specific AI technologies in use and overall preparedness to leverage these advancements effectively. People within the cybersecurity community admit they have limited understanding of AI technologies and their applications. The State of AI Cyber Security report uncovers that only 26% of security professionals feel fully knowledgeable about the types of AI used in their cybersecurity solutions.



The survey shows that there is a need for a clearer understanding among security professionals about the AI technologies being deployed in their security solutions; and a widespread acknowledgment of the necessity for ongoing training within the cybersecurity field to ensure the effective use of AI technologies.

Peter Huh, CIO & CTO of Capital Brands, commented on the transformative impact of Darktrace’s solutions, stating, “Darktrace’s platform acts as a force multiplier for us, allowing our team to move away from the purely reactive nature of cybersecurity.” Max Heinemeyer, Chief Product Officer at Darktrace, echoes this sentiment, noting the industry’s urgent challenges and the unique approach of the Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform in alleviating these pressures.


How Are Innovations Shaping The Future of Cybersecurity?

The launch of the Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform™ introduces a wave of innovations aimed at transforming the security operations space. This platform is made to take security operations from a reactive method to a more proactive and resilient approach. It uses AI tech to identify vulnerabilities early, detect a wide range of threats, as well as automate the response to incidents.

Peter Huh, CIO & CTO of Capital Brands, praised the platform, stating, “Darktrace’s platform has been pivotal, enabling our small team to prioritise efficiently by identifying vulnerabilities swiftly.” This reflects a shift towards using technology not just for defense, but for gaining a deeper understanding of the security environment.

Max Heinemeyer, Chief Product Officer at Darktrace, spoke on the industry’s pressing issue of alert fatigue and how their platform addresses it. He said, “Our ActiveAI Security Platform is designed to alleviate the overwhelming pressure on security teams by automating the analysis of alerts, allowing them to focus on proactive cybersecurity measures.”