AIN’s new platform connects ‘female founders’

Angel Investment Network (AIN),the platform that connects angel investors with startups, has just launched a new platform connecting female founders and investors.

Designed to address the under-representation of women in the industry, both as investors and founders, the company has set up their new ‘Female Founders’ platform.

At 14-year-old, AIN has a community of around 17,000 angel investors in the UK, however fewer than 10% of these are women. This new platform will highlight successful women-led businesses in addition to helping them secure investment and mentoring from female investors.

For AIN this is the first step in a wider mission to develop female representation within the industry. They aim to support such development with community events and meetups as well as a digital network.

The selected women-led businesses on the platform include, Tumelo helps to enable a more sustainable investment system for pension members and retail investors. As well as, 28 Well Hung, a fast-casual “Climate Beneficial” dining concept, serving 100% pasture-fed, 28 day dry-aged British heritage meat, grazed to sequester carbon and regenerate soil.

According to AIN’s head of impact investment, Olivia Sibony, said: “We believe that promoting female entrepreneurship is central to economic growth and meaningful innovation, yet women are woefully unrepresented both as investors and business founders.

“This really impacts onto the whole business eco-system, with women more likely to support other women and impact-conscious businesses that can bring about positive and lasting solutions to the world’s most serious problems.”

She continued: “Supporting both the brilliant women-led businesses already on the platform and investors who choose to follow it is the first step in our journey to bring together a community interested in growing female representation in the industry.

“The ultimate mission is to give women a louder and larger support network, to transform business, answer consumer needs and solve problems facing humanity.”