Air Purifiers Safety Measures as Schools Return


As the nation’s schoolchildren go back today, we discuss whether air purifiers for schools could be the solution for long-term Coronavirus prevention.


Air Purifiers Promising Option for Long-term Corona Strategy

Researchers from the Infrastructure Safety Department at the Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) recently conducted an empirical air purifier study at South Korea’s Gimpo Foreign Language High School northwest of the capital Seoul.

The results of the study of a classroom situation with 25 students were clear: window ventilation reduced the risk of infection by 55%, and the use of the AiroDoctor with closed windows also reduced the risk by a good 50%. The device performed best when it was placed in the middle of the room.

The use of the air purifier in combination with window ventilation was interesting: here the risk of infection dropped by a full 73%. Another result was also shown by TV reports that accompanied the studies in the media: The students reported that they did not feel disturbed in any way by the AiroDoctor in class due to the low operating noise level.


International Success

Since the results in South Korea, the air purifier has already received certification in Europe and is awaiting FDA approval in the United States. South Korea is already using numerous AiroDoctor air purification devices in screening clinics, hospitals, train stations, call centers and educational institutions. At the same time, Saxony-Anhalt-based ScreenSource GmbH, co-developer of the AiroDoctor, is selling the innovative air purifiers through distribution partners in 16 countries.


The AiroDoctor

AiroDoctor® is a trademark of ScreenSource GmbH based in Germany. The international team with offices in Germany and South Korea consists, among others, of biochemists and product designers with origins in the research, development and production of innovative liquid crystal and OLED display technologies.

With its technological edge, the company has succeeded in the field of UV-A LED photocatalysis to achieve breakthrough results. The complete disinfection of air and elimination of infectious aerosols is a milestone. The close cooperation with the South Korean KICT, a South Korean governmental institute, has been a key driver.

“We are very pleased about the groundbreaking results from South Korea. We trust that the relevant authorities nationally and internationally will take notice of such important studies. After all, the globally unique filter technology of the AiroDoctor can make an important contribution in a long-term strategy against SARS-CoV-2.” – Carsten Hermann, Managing Director ScreenSource GmbH.