Aircall partners with Deutsche Telekom to provide every German company with a premium cloud-based phone system

The partnership will bring the most innovative integrated cloud-based phone solution to all German business clients.

Aircall, founded in 2014, provides a cloud-based call center software that integrates seamlessly with most CRMs and helpdesk tools. Based in New York, Paris, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin and London, the company is currently made up of over 600 employees. Aircall was built to make phone systems easy to manage – accessible, transparent and collaborative.

This partnership brings together the best of both worlds for all German businesses on their way to digital transformation, merging today’s need for flexibility with Deutsche Telekom’s  unmatched reach and level of service. Together, Aircall and Deutsche Telekom offer:

  • A 100% cloud-based solution that is easy to install and can be integrated with all major business tools, such as Salesforces, Hubspot, Zendesk as well as 100 other applications
  • A premium, intuitive and reliable system. With close to 75% growth in 2021 and 10 000 existing business customers, Aircall’s solution has notably shown strong adoption from hybrid workers and is by design intended for on-site, hybrid or remote work.
  • A powerful dashboard, able to fulfill today’s needs from companies to monitor performance of teams and foster productivity and collaboration within customer-facing teams.

« The Aircall app on desktop is all that is needed for sales and support teams. We embed in the solution our network expertise, and take care of it with our partner, to provide our customers with a highly efficient communication system”  – Michael Müller-Berg, responsible for partner management at Telekom Deutschland.

According to Jonathan Anguelov, Co-founder and General Manager at Aircall: “With such an unprecedented partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we will be connecting the widest range of businesses with Aircall’s cloud business phone system and call center software. This will empower them to communicate more effectively. Deutsche Telekom’s business customers will have full access to Aircall’s industry leading technology, a business phone system connected to hundreds of CRMs, Helpdesk and any kind of software”.  He adds: “Since our last fundraising in June 2021, we’ve dedicated a lot of effort and investment to build a team of technical experts dedicated to the creation of systems and technical bridges, allowing Aircall to partner with any industrial reseller in any business model.” 

This partnership marks a significant step for Aircall’s footprint in the German market.

“Companies nowadays already provide numerous platforms or work tools for their employees. With this partnership we deliver innovation in order to achieve digital efficiency. We are thrilled with Aircall as a partner whose product enables exactly that vision for German companies.” Ulrike Volejnik , Head of Business Area New Work & Board Member, T-Systems Multimedia Solution, Part of the Deutsche Telekom