Allergen Neutral™ Skincare Brand Oodee Raises £700,000 Supported By Angel Investment Network

The Allergen Neutral™ skincare brand, Oodee has raised £700,000 supported by Angel Investment Network, the world’s largest online angel investment platform. London-based Oodee is the world’s first Allergen Neutral™ skincare range and is pioneering a new solution to the hidden mysteries of allergies, intolerances, and skin flare-ups.

This science-backed skincare brand is driven to kickstart a revolution by offering worry-free skincare for people who suffer from unknown flare-ups: a group often overlooked by the beauty industry. Oodee, which launches this week, eliminates 14 food and 26 fragrance allergens and drives results with DermaRDE+™ – a multivitamin complex of scientifically proven active ingredients.

The founders Karen Harwood and Victoria Tydeman (pictured below) created the brand out of frustration with existing skincare brands that often contain allergens that may trigger intolerances and skin flare-ups. The funding raised will be used for inventory, marketing, consumer product testing, recruitment and trademarking and IP protection. As well as retailing via their own website, Oodee is also available from online retailer Victoria Health.



According to Oodee co-founder Karen Harwood: “Until Oodee, there has been an acute lack of evidence and support for women and men who can’t find a solution to random skin flare-ups. It can be a lonely, frustrating, and often painful place to be.

Something I have struggled with for over a decade. We are delighted that angel investors have backed our mission to close the gap and change the face of skincare as we know it.  We are creating a new category and narrative in plant-powered science for people with flare-ups they simply cannot get to the bottom of. We are excited to launch the range this week.”

According to Sam Louis, Director, Angel Investment Network: “We were big fans of Oodee from the start. They’ve drawn on the existing understanding of human allergies and applied it to a long established skincare problem, creating a novel yet exceptionally well grounded solution.

The raise was oversubscribed and closed extremely quickly, with investors highly impressed by the rigorous science applied, by Karen and Victoria’s passion, and by the experience shown in their forecasting. We’re very excited for them and can’t wait to watch them launch with the backing of some top angel investors from our global network.”