Amazon Will Now Let You Buy Alcohol By Scanning Your Palm To Determine Your Age


Amazon One, Amazon’s palm-scanning technology is now gaining traction as an age verification service.

The company announced yesterday that customers using Amazon One on their devices will be able to buy alcoholic beverages just by using their palm. The first venue to implement the technology will be Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies MLB team, but Amazon has announced that the technology will be rolled out to additional venues in the months ahead.

First launched in 2020, Amazon’s payment system works but pairing a person’s unique palm print with their credit card to allow them to pay using their hand. These palm prints are encrypted and stored in the AWS cloud to maximise security.

The technology works by scanning a person’s palm and analysing lines, ridges and vein patterns to identify the user. After its initial launch in Amazon GO stores and Whole Foods, the Amazon One system has been expanded to a variety of entertainment venues, convenience stores and U.S airports.

To allow users to buy alcohol, they must update their ID on the Amazon One website alongside a selfie of themselves, which registers their age on the system. Though the IDs are not stored after verification, Amazon One customers will be able to use the software to then purchase adult beverages without using their ID.

When verified, the bartender will see a “21+” message appear on the screen along with the customer’s selfie, which they can then use to match to the customer placing the order. The customer can then scan their palm again to pay for the purchase.

“We are excited to team up with Amazon One to launch their age verification feature at Coors Field,” said Alison Birdwell, president and CEO of Aramark Sports + Entertainment, a provider of food and beverage and retail locations in various North American sports venues, including Coors Field. “Consumer preferences are ever evolving and demand for faster service models continues to grow. Amazon One’s latest capability directly responds to those demands by delivering a new level of convenience to the age verification process, shortening the time it takes to make an alcohol purchase, and improving the overall guest experience at Coors Field,” she said, in a statement.

Amazon One with age verification is available now at Coors Field, Amazon says.