Andco: Is this the future of the office and hospitality industry?

Andco’s unique technology turns restaurants, hotel lobbies and cafes into flexible, co-working spaces, with over 120 existing venues coming on board so far to embrace the future of remote working. 

AndCo provides a unique software solution for the hospitality sector to participate in the growth of micro-coworking in non-traditional workspaces, in turn supporting local economies.

This new technology allows members have access to coworking at a wide variety of venues: anytime, anywhere. It gives venue operators the ability to easily manage the available number of seats and tables on any given day, including underused and often over-priced private dining rooms in restaurants.

The team behind AndCo believe that flexible learning and smart technologies will be the driving force behind the hybrid urban spaces and communities of the future.

Founded by Sanj Mahal and Tom Wordie, the Andco approach could be the way the hospitality industry and the working environment survives post-Covid . Here are some of the issues AndCo’s technology addresses as it looks to rethink office and hospitality.


  • Working from home is not always the answer:  Many home-bound workers are dealing with constant distractions as they’re forced to share their workplace with other family members. Loneliness numbers rank the highest among younger age groups, who have more flexible workstyles than previous generations. However, research has shown that clusters of employees working and meeting together away from the office can increase productivity.


  • Working will become local and the commute forgotten: Before COVID-19 put everyday life on hold, the average Londoner spent around 74 minutes commuting every weekday. After the 1918— 1919 flu pandemic, it took more than five years for people to get comfortable taking trains again. But the impact of this can be positive: studies have found that coworking spaces increase footfall to local neighbourhood businesses on a daily basis. 


  • Mixed-use venues are the future: Hospitality venues will transform into micro-workspaces, offering an attractive alternative to the large, costly, traditional downtown coworking offices. Subscription models will give remote professionals the opportunity to choose from workplaces inside a zillion venues that fit with their schedule for the day.


  • The future of hospitality is hybrid:  AndCo transforms unused space in hotels, bars, and restaurants into local hubs for coworking, creating and collaborating. By matching remote workers with venues, the software platform builds new neighbourhood communities, drives footfall to hospitality venues, and breathes life back into high streets. 


  • Track and Trace possibilities: Through the hardware AndCo installs in every venue on the platform, they can accurately track and trace every AndCo member entering and leaving the venue.