Angular Nation Community Doubles in Size Following Collaboration with AG Grid

Angular Nation, the free and private community for Angular developers, has announced 53 per cent year-over-year growth, with its community increasing from 2,956 users in September 2021, to 4520 users in September 2022.

A key milestone for the company arrived in the form of a major collaboration with leading datagrid provider AG Grid in September 2021. As part of the collaboration, AG Grid is an official sponsor of Angular Nation, and recognises it as the leading community for discussion, support, and resource access relevant to Angular and Typescript projects. Since working together, the Angular Nation community has doubled in size, in part due to the increased awareness bought to the community from AG Grid’s established userbase.

In addition to its premium channels, support from AG Grid allows Angular Nation to offer many benefits completely free, including courses, workshops, and live events where Angular beginners can get help and support with no strings attached. Once these developers gain a solid understanding of Angular, Angular Nation will help match them up with companies who are searching for skilled Angular developers.

Angular Nation was set up by Bonnie Brennan in 2021 to give Angular developers a dedicated learning space, where they can discuss their projects, access free webinars and courses, and engage in Q&A sessions with leading Angular experts surrounding the current eco-system, and resources and tools on offer.

Bonnie Brennan the founder of Angular Nation, told TechRound: When I started Angular Nation I had lots of experience with Angular, Enterprise Architecture, Training, and even Public Speaking. But I had almost no experience starting or building an online business.

“Striking a balance between offering free resources for the community and covering our expenses and managing time, has been a huge challenge. There were even a few days where I considered deleting Angular Nation and going back to consulting, but now I’m proud of this community, happy I didn’t give up, and eternally grateful to key sponsors and support avenues, like AG Grid, for believing in us from the start.

“Angular Nation is a private community and our primary rule is simply to “Be Nice”. At first, it was only myself helping people who asked questions, but whenever people thanked me for my help, I asked them to return the favour by helping me help others inside Angular Nation. I also encouraged developers to attend our free online events and turn their cameras on to ask questions. Over time, this led to our private community being much more open and supportive than most online tech communities. I love this and hope to keep this friendly vibe as we grow.”

Niall Crosby, CEO of AG Grid added“Angular is a framework which is growing in popularity, and before Angular Nation came along, the community was crying out for better access to resources and more learning support. Not only does Angular Nation fulfil this quota, but as a community, it aligns itself very well with the ambitions and outlook of AG Grid. In fact, we are one of the only datagrid providers ourselves who offer Angular native datagrid compatibility.

“This is why we were more than keen to become an official sponsor to Angular Nation and will continue to work alongside them to bring better awareness and improve access and support for Angular developers.”