TechRound’s Annual Fintech50 Launches, Highlighting UK’s Dominant Fintech Sector

TR FinTech50 Oracle Banner

The Fintech50, TechRound’s annual list of the top companies in fintech in the UK has launched this morning. Celebrating the companies that make one of the UK’s largest sectors tick, the Fintech50 highlights what companies are doing to grow this exciting industry further.

2022’s Fintech50 Has Been Sponsored and Supported by Oracle NetSuite.

With the UK’s fintech sector worth more than £30 billion to the UK economy alone, with investment in the sector in 2021 soaring to more than $37 billion, it is one of the key sectors driving the UK economy and the growth the UK needs.

TechRound Co-founders David Soffer and Daniel Tannenbaum commented on the Fintech50: “This year we have seen some extraordinary companies come to the fore and we’re delighted once again to be able to showcase he best of the best in fintech. This year we’re being supported by the marvellous team at Oracle NetSuite, one of the largest software companies in the world, which is fantastic.”

“Fintech in the UK is slowly but surely playing an ever-increasing role in the government’s Levelling Up strategy and long may it continue that the UK is the global ‘place to be’ when it comes to Fintech. Year after year, TechRound is here to highlight who is doing what in all areas of the startup sector, which of course includes the likes of fintech.”

Scott Brookman, Software Sales Director at Oracle NetSuite said: “The pandemic has spurred more consumers and businesses to embrace technology as an efficient, cost-effective means for managing their finances.”

“As a result of this the fintech industry has seen a boom in investments which is putting pressure on the sector to rapidly transform their operations to keep pace with consumer demand. Some of the world’s leading fintech organisations are leveraging NetSuite to help support this change and future-proof their businesses.”

Techround once again is at the forefront of letting the UK and the wider world know what is happening in another sector of the startup industry of the UK. With the likes of the SaaS66 and the 29 Under 29 to come in 2022, there is a lot more to come from UK startups, that TechRound is excited to celebrate.