Apple Ends Pay Later Feature A Year After Release

Apple will be moving away from its Apple Pay Later service to focus on a new installment payment option. This new feature is designed as a way to bring users a better and more convenient Apple Pay experience, with more ways to manage their finances through the same platform they use for daily transactions.

How Did Apple Pay Later Actually Work?

The process was user-friendly: Consumers could apply for loans directly from their Wallet app, ranging from $50 to $1,000 (which is about £35 to £790).

This feature was designed to assist with online and in-app purchases across iPhones and iPads for transactions at merchants that accept Apple Pay.

After applying, users could manage their loan directly within Wallet, providing a seamless integration between the lending service and Apple’s existing financial management tools.

This service was integrated within the Wallet app, ensuring that all loan-related actions—from applying to payment—could be handled in one central place.

The app displayed upcoming due payments and total due amounts, so that users have a better way to manage their finances effectively. Notifications for upcoming payments were also sent to help users prepare in advance, so they’re prepared when the day comes.


What Does This Mean For Existing Apple Pay Later Users?

For those currently using Apple Pay Later, the service will continue to operate as usual. Apple has made sure that existing loans remain unaffected.

On their site, they have reassured, “Apple Pay Later is no longer offering new loans. Existing Apple Pay Later loans and purchases are not affected.”

Customers facing issues with purchases made through Apple Pay Later should first attempt to resolve these with the merchant. If necessary, they can also seek assistance from Apple Pay Later Specialists via the Wallet app.

Apple updates site, 9to5Mac received a statement from Apple, saying, “Starting later this year, users across the globe will be able to access installment loans offered through credit and debit cards, as well as lenders, when checking out with Apple Pay.

“With the introduction of this new global installment loan offering, we will no longer offer Apple Pay Later in the U.S. Our focus continues to be on providing our users with access to easy, secure and private payment options with Apple Pay, and this solution will enable us to bring flexible payments to more users, in more places across the globe, in collaboration with Apple Pay enabled banks and lenders.”

What Is The Point For This Change?

Apple is trying to streamline its financial services by embedding installment payment functionalities directly into Apple Pay. This integration is expected to simplify the user experience by allowing direct management of installment payments within the app.

Upcoming Features:

The planned features for the new service…

Global Reach: The installment loan feature will extend to Apple Pay users worldwide, so more have access.

Seamless Management: Users will manage their installment plans directly within Apple Pay, so that it is a smooth financial management experience.

Better Security: Apple is making extra sure that these financial transactions maintain high privacy and security standards.