Apple Expands Into India With New Stores in Mumbai and Delhi

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced the opening of the company’s first two retail stores in India, one in Mumbai and one in Delhi. The Mumbai store’s design was inspired by the city’s iconic black-and-yellow taxis, while the Delhi store’s design is similar to that of Apple’s flagship stores.

Cook was present at the Mumbai store’s opening, where he greeted customers and even posed for selfies. He is also scheduled to attend the Delhi store’s opening on Thursday. These stores are part of Apple’s retail push in India, which is the world’s second-largest smartphone market, with over 95% of smartphones running on Google’s Android platform.

Apple’s efforts to diversify its supply chains away from China are also a key factor in the company’s push into India. The new stores will help Apple establish a stronger presence in the country and boost its brand recognition. While the stores are an important branding strategy, experts say they won’t have an immediate impact on Apple’s sales in India.

Despite being a major player in the global smartphone market, Apple has struggled to gain a foothold in India. One major hurdle for the company has been the country’s high import tariffs, which make iPhones significantly more expensive in India than in other countries. Additionally, the majority of Indian consumers prefer more affordable Android phones over Apple’s premium-priced devices.

However, the Indian market for “premium smartphones” is growing rapidly, and Apple sees this as an opportunity to expand its presence in the country. By opening these stores, Apple hopes to tap into India’s growing middle class, who are increasingly willing and able to pay for high-end smartphones.

India is a key market for Apple’s long-term growth, and the company is taking steps to establish a stronger foothold in the country. In addition to opening these two new stores, Apple has also started manufacturing some of its iPhones in India, which helps to reduce the cost of importing them into the country.

Overall, the opening of these two retail stores is a positive step for Apple’s expansion into India. While they may not have an immediate impact on the company’s sales, they are an important part of Apple’s long-term strategy for growth in the country. By investing in India’s growing market for premium smartphones, Apple is positioning itself for success in one of the world’s most important smartphone markets.

Source: BBC