Arctic Shores Technology Drives Diversity In Recruitment

With companies more concerned about diversity than ever before, Arctic Shores works to remove bias from the recruitment process.

Arctic Shores Drives Diversity in Recruitment

Leading brands are adopting behaviour-based assessments from Arctic Shores to drive forward diversity in recruitment. According to their recent research with HR leaders, diversity and inclusion is high on the list of priorities and concerns for 2021, with many having low confidence that the talent acquisition process was consistent or fair. The company has recently been  named in the prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 and picked up two Gold Awards at this year’s BOC’s HR Brilliance Awards with client Capita and its Customer Management Division. The first award recognised Arctic Shores in the ‘Brilliance in Innovative Use of Technology’ category, and the second in ‘Brilliance in Recruitment and Retention.’ This recognition comes alongside Arctic Shores recently adding its two-millionth candidate to the platform, just ten months after the company hit one million candidates in January 2020.

How Does it Work?

Powered by psychology, cognitive neuroscience and data science, Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessments and platform solution are designed to remove unconscious bias from key points in the recruitment process, which is the single biggest reason for the slow progress on diversity -and with less diversity comes lower performance. With an assessment that includes interactive tasks instead of questions in a mobile-first design, the assessment measures natural behaviours, so businesses get a truer measure of a person’s potential. Businesses, including clients Adecco and PwC, are adopting Arctic Shores’ technology to improve diversity ratios, reduce time-to-hire and recruitment costs.

Case Studies

For Siemens, one of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies, Arctic Shores increased female-final stage representation by 100%, doubling the number of women progressed to the final stages of their process. Flagship client Capita, using the Arctic Shores talent discovery platform, was able to screen over 12,000 candidates for its customer management roles; 60% of these (about 7,200) completed the assessment within 24 hours, giving the team near-instant access to the objective data they needed to make faster, fairer sifting decisions. And, with COVID-19 preventing in-person contact, Capita was (and continues to be) able to find exceptional talent 100% remotely.

The Future is Diverse

The company has also stepped up its growth with the appointment of three new executives to strengthen its leadership team. Rachel Dennis (Chief Marketing Officer), Estelle McCartney (Chief Customer Officer) and Claire Jaques (Chief Product Officer) will help the firm accelerate product innovation, increase customer focus and boost its market presence as it looks to 2021.

Arctic Shores CEO & Co-Founder, Robert Newry, commented “2021 will be an opportunity for even more businesses to open their eyes to the vast improvements that technology can bring, and the positive impact, when used properly, to drive  diversity, inclusion and efficiency in the talent acquisition process.”