Armen V. Papazian, CEO/CIO at Value Xd: Analytics Reimagined

Value Xd

While digitisation has triggered the technological revamp of entire value chains across industries and markets, and the digital world has become a unique and seemingly irreplaceable platform through which we create, communicate, exchange, and deliver value across all economic activities, digitisation does not automatically imply improvement.

Digitisation implies improvement in a process when flow and architecture are reimagined, thus enhancing a human experience. Digitisation can be considered an improvement when it empowers users to reach beyond their grasp and/or skills, thus allowing a wider, more efficient, more transparent, and more effective application of human intelligence.

This is the philosophy of innovation that has guided the design and coding of Value Xd, a cloud-based platform that has reimagined analytics, reinventing the flow and architecture of our analytical value chain, bringing equations to life, and allowing users the opportunity to access and apply intelligence without the intermediation of coder invented abbreviations, bridging the gap between knowledge and application.

As I write this article, Value Xd has been shortlisted for the Innovation Award at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2022. We are  delighted with the recognition, a step forward on our way to transforming the software-linked analytical habits and path dependencies of more than two billion people around the world. This is our vision. Our finalist pitch video illustrates a selection of key features.


Science Technology Awards Value Xd


In truth, Value Xd matches the fluidity and imaginative potential of a global digital marketplace for intelligence, where intelligence is not just data and/or its visualisation, but also the many thousands of equations that create them and manipulate them, in business, finance, and many other fields of science and industry.

Reinventing analytics while humanity faces a serious existential crisis has naturally influenced our thinking and our digital imagination. The climate emergency, the carbon in our air, the plastic in our oceans, the garbage in our rivers, the debris in orbit, and the biodiversity losses across our planet are all pressing aspects of this crisis. Thus, any digitisation that claims to enhance human intelligence must help us address these challenges.

At the centre of an improved human digital analytical process, therefore, must be a platform that facilitates the use and application of all models and equations relevant to sustainability, making them accessible, transparent, and effective daily tools for everyone, whether complex institutions or SMEs, whether corporates or investment funds, whether finance professionals or laypersons.

This is how and why Value Xd was conceived and created, to reimagine analytics in flow and architecture, while serving the multidimensional analytical needs of the age of human responsibility – ultimately, the key factor upon which rest the plethora of initiatives aimed at supporting our transition to a sustainable Net Zero world.

We must realise that the digitisation of a process does not automatically mean an improvement of that process. An unfair and unequal process can remain so after digitisation. The architecture of our markets, the procedural mechanisms behind money creation, the structural design of a valuation model, etc., these fundamental elements change not when they are digitised, but when they are reinterpreted in their fundamental assumptions, and are rebuilt upon an entirely new value framework.” Armen V. Papazian, The Space Value of Money, 2022