Art Tech Start-Up Artscapy Partners with Dalí Universe to Create the First Ever NFT Collection of Salvador Dalí Artworks

Artscapy has announced an exclusive NFT drop in collaboration with the Dalí Universe with world renowned surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, marking an exciting chapter in Artscapy’s mission to expose quality art to the current generation of collectors online.

The launch of the first collection of NFTs coincides with the exhibition of Dalí artworks, Spellbound – Scenografia di un Sogno (Scenography of a Dream), in Naples at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Alla Pietrasanta on 13th April 2022.
Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) is one of the most famous surrealist artists in art history, best known for his technical skill, precise draughtsmanship, and the striking dreamlike images in his work. He became known for breaking with conventions and forging his own new artistic language through his works in painting, sculpture and product and set design.

Artscapy has created a full NFT sales platform for Dalí Universe where collectors can buy the NFTs directly and is also supporting Dalí Universe in the creation of the NFTs, including the minting of the tokens. They will design authentic, limited edition, digital art productions of eight of Dalí’s iconic sculptures, which include Dance of Time III, Lady Godiva and Nobility of Time. The melted clock face is one of the artist’s most beloved motifs, representing the fluidity of time, and is incorporated in two of the works in the series on sale. Each of these NFT artworks will be an edition of 9,999 and will be sold at $30 (£23).



The Dalí Universe is a company specialised in Salvador Dalí, managing one of the largest private collections of Dalí artworks in the world, as well as being the holder of exclusive intellectual property rights to 25+ sculptures and 100+ images between paintings, sketches, furniture and collectibles. Through this partnership, the Dalí Universe’s mission is to reach new collectors but also deliver additional value to current Dalí collectors with these authentic digital art editions that present a new valuable opportunity to collect Dalí works.

President of Dalí Universe, Beniamino Levi has said, “Having passionately collected and curated the works of Dalí for the past seventy years, I am excited to see Dali’s work take on a new life in the digital sphere and to be part of this historic moment. For me, it was of utmost importance to select a partner I could trust to bring Dalí’s artistic legacy into the digital age in the right way. We selected Artscapy due to their long term vision and commitment to bring quality art to the new generation of collectors with artistic integrity. Their platform also fulfils all the compliance requirements and is ready to accommodate for future regulations, which leaves us confident to meet the institutional and collector demand that we are facing.”

Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio, founders and CEOs of Artscapy, have said “We are honoured to be chosen as the exclusive blockchain partner of the Dalí Universe and help them enter the web3 era by releasing the first ever NFT collection of Salvador Dalí. At Artscapy, we are committed to preserving the artistic legacy of Dalí and bringing his work to new audiences in addition to delivering a lifetime of value for all Dalí collectors with these new authentic limited editions.”

All NFTs are available to purchase on the Dalí Universe NFT platform, which has been built by Artscapy, and on Artscapy’s own NFT marketplace, where they can be bought using a credit card without the need for buyers to transact using cryptocurrency or setting up their own crypto asset wallets.