Babes on Waves: A COVID Business Success Story

Babes on Waves is changing the face of business. A black-founded online diverse business community for millenial & Gen-z female entrepreneurs, diversity is not just a post George Floyd world buzzword for them, with 80% of their members being WOC.

A COVID business success story, after launching in May 2020 the membership grew to 60 members within 2 months, a reflection of how Gen-z are turning to entrepreneurship after being one of the groups hit hardest by the COVID economy.

The founder, Jasmine is a rising star & one to watch as she recently came Highly Commended as a runner up of TechRound’s 2020 list of 50 Under 50 British Entrepreneurs. She was also successful in her last round of grant applications, raising £5,000 for the development of Babes on Waves’ tech platform, which will include an online digital diary for members to log their monthly achievements in a bid to encourage women to celebrate themselves and end Imposter Syndrome.

Jasmine Douglas is a 24 year old mixed British American woman with Nigerian heritage, and the Founder of Babes on Waves.

She came Highly Commended as a runner up of TechRound’s 50 Under 50 BAME British Entrepreneurs.

At 21 Jasmine struggled with low confidence, made worse by never-ending rejection letters & non-responses from job applications.

She started experimenting with entrepreneurship to create her own opportunities and found a hobby in business that gave her direction & purpose.

Still, Jasmine found herself increasingly isolated from her peers who followed more traditional, corporate paths and weren’t interested in entrepreneurship.

She wished she had someone to exchange business ideas with, and joined some business communities for women, but was shocked at the common lack of diversity.

By May 2020 she launched her own membership to connect with other diverse entrepreneurs, and help them self-actualise through entrepreneurship just as she had.

Babes on Waves is an online business membership for millenial & gen-z female entrepreneurs, primarily WOC.


Babes on Waves


Our Business Club gives female entrepreneurs the tools to build confidence in business.

Our digital workshops teach women to cultivate the mindset for success & build confidence in themselves.

In a white-dominated business world, we are equalising the unlevel playing field in business for WOC & underrepresented founders.

We are the First & Only truly diverse business membership. We are open to all but 80% of our members are WOC- diversity is not just a buzzword for us.