Bang On: Helping Those with Health Conditions Maintain Intimacy in their Relationship

Bang On’s products provide support to people with disabilities and medical conditions to gain support and help alleviate pain when in certain positions. By reducing the pressure on joints, back and neck, the sex cushions provide support and comfort, allowing for more varied and longer position hold and stability, resulting in intensified and prolonged pleasure for an improved sexual performance. All products are manufactured to the highest specification in the UK.

The pandemic has impacted the sex lives of Brits – but sadly, rather than having more sex than ever due to the prolonged periods at home together – many UK couples are finding it difficult to reconnect after such a challenging shared experience.

Stress and the rise in the use of SSRI antidepressants, which can have a negative effect on libido*, have both been cited as possible reasons in various studies, as well as the change in circumstances for couples who did not cohabit during the Covid-19 lockdowns**.

For people over 40, the added factors of hormonal changes due to perimenopause, reductions in testosterone and menopause***, plus age-related back pain and other conditions can all add up to a rather disappointing time between the sheets.

One of London’s leading sex therapists and relationship coaches, Charlene Douglas, believes that “sex furniture” such as wedges and specialist “sex cushions” can be one way to bring the “bang” back to the bedroom. Sex should be fun and pleasurable for everyone who chooses to engage in it. For so many people sex can be painful, uncomfortable and unsatisfying. Sex aids help couples to find that perfect position for their body, so that they can experience ultimate pleasure” says Charlene, who recently appeared on Married at First Sight.



“Sex cushions and pillows are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure from particular parts of your body, for example your hips or back. Sometimes couples may use a normal pillow to support their back/hips when in a particular sexual position. These are not designed to provide the firm support that a sex pillow can provide. Sex aids really should form part of your sexual world.”

Bang On is UK-based firm that has just launched a range of designs of sex cushions and wedges. Created by 51 year old Jody Bullough from Lancashire, the female-led brand was initially started to provide supportive sex furniture for people with breast cancer and other conditions that may negatively impact upon sex.

“We have started to see an uplift in sales as UK couples look for ways to get their sex lives back on track after the pandemic. This is great news – sex is a hugely important part of relationships and a healthy and intimate sex life can help with anxiety, depression, and sleep quality****.

“When I started researching sex furniture due to my own breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, all that seemed to be available was USA imports or blow-up cushions which didn’t provide adequate support. All our products have been designed to be super supportive; they are made with care and with the very best materials right here in Lancashire. They also look great in your bedroom!

“From our own customer base, we have heard some tremendous feedback from women who have managed to climax much more regularly and easily due to the use of a Bang On sex cushion or wedge – and it’s always satisfying to hear such wonderful reviews. We hope to see a bigger sales increase now that life is beginning to get back to normal – it always makes me smile to think we are having a positive impact on the sex lives of UK couples!”

You can view the Bang On range at The company is offering 10% off all of its products until 31st March 2022 with the code PRV10