Cross-Media AdTech Lodestar Beatgrid Ignites Industry Reboot with New Product Suite & Rebrand


Beatgrid, the single-source cross-media Adtech platform, today announces its new brand identity alongside an expansion of its offering with three new products to get the jump on the industry’s cookieless future. Beatgrid has re-engineered its technology to meet the new and upcoming audience measurement challenges head-on, building new tools to meet the challenges that the cross-media measurement marketplace requires to keep current. To match its innovative leap in the industry, Beatgrid has renewed its image with the help of former Spotify Brand Design Director Erik Herrström to drive forward its purpose and guide the industry into the next frontier.

Beatgrid’s passive ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology has already provided the solution for a host of globally renowned companies such as Google, Unilever, The Trade Desk, and Virgin but, today, audiences consume digital and offline cross-channel content through new formats, posing new campaign measurement challenges for marketers and advertisers. With the industry in a state of flux, it is necessary to keep up with the most progressive, privacy compliant, and future-proof technology solutions.

To address these issues, Beatgrid’s new product suite harnesses its proprietary ACR technology, to suit brand advertisers, media agencies, and media publishers with a full-funnel software solution and easy-to-understand dashboard analytics to track the following:

Campaign ROI and outcomes effectiveness metrics.

Accurate Cost per Reach metrics for optimisation of budget allocation by channel based on a real, single source, unduplicated data.

Brand lift measurement based on verified TV ad exposures measuring campaign recency effect, and identifying optimal ad frequency and ad creative performance.

Retail attribution analysis to determine the number of store trips made by both exposed and non-exposed ad users.

Person-level cross-channel audience metrics from a single source.

Ad creative effectiveness and cut-through analysis.

Deterministic, unified exposure data across TV channels and platforms.


Beatgrid accomplishes these measurements through its three new product offerings:

R&F Beat: Top-of-the-funnel product that addresses the cross-media fragmentation challenge experienced by brand advertisers when launching their ad campaigns. With R&F Beat, brand advertisers can have real-time information on the optimal flighting ratio and spot incremental reach data per stream and channel, tailored to their audience’s specific needs.

Brand Beat: Mid-funnel product that verifies cross-media TV ad exposures by measuring campaign recency effect, and identifying optimal ad frequency and ad creative performance. It helps in the understanding of the users’ perception of a brand.

Footfall Beat: Bottom-of-the-funnel product that measures cross-media to retail attribution, which essentially can tell brand advertisers if their cross-media advertising campaigns can affect store visitations and in-store behaviour.

Daniel Tjondronegoro, Co-Founder of Beatgrid comments that: “After a few years of testing our products and solutions with global players like Google, The Trade Desk, Unilever, Sanofi, and Vevo, we decided to tie our recently experienced substantial growth with the creation of a new image. With this rebrand, we aim to prove our innovative and technological boldness by continuing to expand into key markets like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and illustrate our uniqueness by portraying ourselves as the future of cross-media ad audience measurement.”

Erik Herrström, Brand Designer, reflects on Beatgrid’s rebranding saying: “As an independent design studio, I carefully select my clients. The deciding factor to take on a project is normally the ambition level of my potential clients. For that reason, it was not a hard decision when I decided to help Beatgrid on their journey.

In close collaboration with Beatgrid, a set of key brand characteristics were defined that would help us set a focus on what the new logotype should communicate. It was crucial to capture how they absorb data, perform in-depth measurements, and provide their clients with digestible and actionable reports. By taking their process to heart, I wanted to make sure that the rather complex measurement technology could be represented in a simple very simple visual language.

While the standalone icon itself is a play on connecting data, it can also play a part in never-ending modular patterns that can evolve into a larger brand identity language. These patterns are representing the nearly mechanical approach that Beatgrid has to their cross-media audience measurement studies. The distinct and unique shapes of the new Beatgrid logotype are emphasized through a stark yellow color that connects back to the contrast of what Beatgrid can provide versus their competition.”