Bella & Duke Launch Helpline for Over 70s and Discount for NHS Workers

Natural, raw pet food delivery company Bella & Duke (B&D) has launched a ‘Lend a Paw’ helpline to support customers over 70 in response to Covid-19. In addition the dog nutrition company is offering 30 percent off a bundle of five raw dog food boxes for NHS workers.

Bella & Duke don’t just want dogs to survive, they want them to thrive, and they feel just the same way about their customers. The lockdown extension imposed in the UK has left some of the brand’s more vulnerable pet parents in danger of feeling cut off from the rest of society, in response to this Bella & Duke has created its ‘Lend a Paw’ helpline. Their customer service team will make daily calls to vulnerable customers, to check in and offer pawsitivity if they’re having a ruff day. The hotline will operate throughout the day, offering customers over 70 the chance to have a chin wag, and to see if there’s anything the brand can do to help them or their pet.

The pet food company is also offering a 30 percent discount for all NHS workers on five boxes of their natural, raw pet food. Bella & Duke believe that raw pet food is the absolute foundation for great dog mental and physical health, and a happy dog makes for a happier owner. Covid-19 has put the healthcare profession under a great deal of strain, Bella & Duke want to do all they can to help take care of the pets of those that take care of all of us.

With many UK dog owners stuck at home, and supermarket aisles often bare, getting essential food in for your pet is harder now than it has ever been. That’s why Bella & Duke is increasing its delivery slots to cope with the national demand for pet food. As of April 20th the brand is adding an extra 5000 delivery slots for its raw dog food hampers as the UK’s pet parents turn to subscription delivery options whilst on Covid-19 lockdown.

In the last two weeks the Scottish based online pet brand has seen a significant increase in the amount of hampers being ordered by its customers and a 163% month on month rise in subscription renewals. Bella & Duke makes its meals by sourcing the best local ingredients and applying nutritional science; meat and vegetables are blended together and frozen before delivering on demand to customers’ doors nationwide, arriving fresh without additives or preservatives.

Tony Ottley COO at Bella & Duke said: “Our customers mean everything to us and so we’re making a special effort to do all we can for them during this time, especially those in age groups vulnerable  to the virus. We’d like to ‘Lend a Paw’ if we possibly can. We’re checking in daily on customers who might just need a call  to see how they’re doing and if there’s anything we can do to help. Even if these chats go outside of our working hours, it’s important to us that our customers are being looked after as well as their pets.”

Mark Scott CEO at Bella & Duke said: “Health is at the core of everything we do at Bella & Duke, now more than ever, we need to make sure we’re supporting the wellness of our pets and their parents. The most important thing people in the UK can do to help that right now is to stay at home. To help meet the demand of supplying pet owners with essential food we’re upping our delivery slots so owners can still purchase the food they need for their dogs to remain fed and healthy, without leaving the safety of their home.”