Bershka and FFFACE.ME Debut The World’s First Semi-Digital Clothing Collection

FFFACE.ME have joined forces to create an innovative collection that blends fashion and technology. The world’s first semi-digital clothing collection for the mass market seamlessly fuses traditional materials with AR experience.

The fashion industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past two decades, with the main product of fashion shifting from physical looks seen in real life or in magazines to online content, through social media and the metaverse.

To keep up with the trend, brands have turned to digital fashion to push user content creation and engagement in a new way. 

On March 5th, the “Wearable Art” collection was presented in the new Bershka store in Lisbon. It allows customers to add digital elements to specific physical garments simply by using the Instagram filter, which allows creating original content for social media.

Developed by FFFACE.ME, this innovative approach marks a significant breakthrough in the fashion industry. To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, an immersive installation was created in the Bershka store. This installation helped to instantly see the digital layer of clothing, additionally, visitors were able to access the experience through Instagram on their mobile devices and watch the garment come to life on their screens.

This means that this unique collaboration offers a new level of creativity and interactivity not just online, but also in offline retail. Additionally, this drop gives a massive push to sustainability as one physical clothing item can have multiple AR Layers that can be updated, which means that with this clothing designed for content creation, you shouldn’t buy more clothing to create different content.

Kristine, creative produсer of FFFACE.ME, stated, “Back in 2019, FFFACE.ME pioneered the development of clothing designed for content creation – Semi-digital clothing. We merge digital and physical fashion by combining the tangibility of physical clothing for our physical persona with the ability to create non-trivial content in social media for our online persona. Together with Bershka, this use-case becomes a mainstream, mass-market trend.”