bioniq Launches World’s Most-Personalised Supplements Leveraging 3 Million Data Points

bioniq, the company behind world’s most personalised and clinically proven supplements based on comprehensive blood tests, has announced the launch of bioniq GO, a personalised supplements product that relies on 3 million proprietary biochemical data points to provide an individual formula based on a questionnaire.

bioniq GO leverages the data from over 50 000 blood tests from over 30 000 clients and for 25 medical publications, resulting in the world’s largest continuous health check-up database. That vast volume of data now allows bioniq to assess each individual’s needs without the initial blood test. All the components of the supplements are selected individually after the customer fills out a questionnaire. The resulting level of personalisation is 200,000 times higher than similar products on the market.

bioniq runs the results through its unique database and system to create a personalised micronutrient formula that consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and prebiotics. bioniq GO formulas include up to 34 components with up to 10 million possible combinations, all are clinically proven to be safe and highly efficient. bioniq GO is available for the price of £49/month.

“We at bioniq believe the future of medicine lies in data aggregation and digitalisation of health monitoring creating unique tools for a disease-free population. The data on health outcomes we’ve been gathering for three years will allow us to make health more proactive and accessible,” says Vadim Fedotov, CEO and Co-founder of bioniq. “With the launch of bioniq GO we strive to offer the best level of personalisation for non-blood test supplements in the industry, and with every new blood sample our system will improve and become more effective, making the bioniq GO formula even more efficient.”

The company was founded by the former German national team basketball player Vadim Fedotov and Doctor Konstantin Karuzin, a neurosurgeon with 14 years of clinical research experience, who has developed a system to improve the cognitive and physical functions of professional athletes in Switzerland.

bioniq operates in the UK, the UAE, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Russia, and bioniq GO is available globally. Earlier this year bioniq announced its acquisition of LOEWI, a scientific spin-off of the TU München, which provides tailor-made nutrients based on your blood work and lifestyle. bioniq is also a strategic partner to the leading international medical institutions and worldwide partners, including King’s College Hospital London, Lanserhof, European Medical Center, UFC, WHOOP and Oura ring.