Bluesky: The Growing Twitter Alternative Surpasses 1 Million Downloads Despite Invite-Only Status

Bluesky, the emerging Twitter alternative, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 1 million downloads across iOS and Android platforms, according to a recent analysis by app store intelligence provider

While this achievement is noteworthy, it pales in comparison to the soaring popularity of Threads, Instagram’s new rival to Twitter, which has already garnered double-digit millions of downloads since its launch on Wednesday.


Bluesky’s Progress in Numbers


Bluesky has managed to achieve this milestone despite its exclusive invite-only status. The app’s growth rate, however, falls significantly short when compared to Twitter’s impressive performance.

While Bluesky sees an average of 8,300 first-time installs per day, Twitter adds a staggering 518,000 new downloads on a daily basis, as reported by Twitter has recently registered an additional 72 million first-time installs, overshadowing Bluesky’s progress.


Temporary Pauses and Scarce Invites


Bluesky faced some challenges due to its limited availability, with invites being scarce and occasionally unusable. In response to Twitter’s decision to restrict the number of readable tweets, which fueled the demand for Twitter alternatives, Bluesky temporarily halted sign-ups during the first weekend of July.

The Bluesky team expressed concerns about the overwhelming traffic, fearing it would strain the app’s performance, as it wasn’t adequately prepared for such a large influx of new users.


The Impact of Twitter’s Move


Interestingly, Twitter’s actions inadvertently contributed to Bluesky’s achievement. According to, the limitation imposed by Twitter prompted an estimated 300,000 new Bluesky installs since June 30, further driving the app’s growth.


Geographical Distribution of Bluesky’s User Base


The United States holds the largest share of Bluesky installs, accounting for 40% of the user base. Brazil follows with 9.5%, trailed by Japan (8.5%), Thailand (7.5%), and the United Kingdom (4.6%). These numbers highlight the app’s global appeal and diverse reach.


Private App Approach Hinders Adoption Rate


Bluesky’s journey to 1 million+ downloads took approximately four months. This may have been expedited if the app had been made widely available to the public. The decision to keep the app private might hinder its potential success, especially with the launch of Threads, which promises integration with ActivityPub. In contrast, Bluesky is developing its own decentralised social networking protocol called the AT Protocol.


Overcoming Challenges and Monetisation Efforts


Despite encountering moderation challenges, Bluesky remains a contender in the social media landscape. The company recently secured $8 million in seed funding and introduced its first paid service, custom domains.

By exploring monetisation avenues beyond traditional ad-supported models, Bluesky aims to establish a sustainable business model while expanding its user base.


The Future of Bluesky

Bluesky’s journey is still unfolding, and it will face stiff competition from well-established players like Twitter and emerging rivals like Threads. However, with its unique focus on decentralisation and ongoing development of its protocol, Bluesky continues to shape itself as a potential contender in the evolving landscape of social media alternatives.