Boss Insights Partners with MX to Accelerate Business Lending

MX, the leader in Open Finance, and Boss Insights, a leader in business data aggregation, are partnering to provide fintechs and financial institutions real-time access to enhanced small business banking, accounting, and commerce data to accelerate business lending and insights.

The partnership bridges the financial data gap between SMBs, their financial institutions, and their financial applications by giving SMB owners a 360-degree view of their financial health through a single application programming interface (API). The API provides real-time access and integration to more than 1,000 data sources across accounting, banking, commerce and payroll systems for improved lending, funding, and payments services.

“Boss Insights shares MX’s view that finances should be simple, useful, and intuitive,” said Keren Moynihan, Chief Executive Officer of Boss Insights. “Together, MX and Boss will empower fintechs, private lenders, and financial institutions with a platform to originate, decide, and monitor the business requests of their SMB customers. With MX data connectivity and enhancement solutions, these providers will be able to make faster, more accurate lending, funding, and payment decisions.”



Fintechs, private lenders, and financial institutions often struggle with reliable and efficient access to data in a world where speed and security are paramount. Boss Insights provides technology that connects lenders and businesses for 5x faster loan decisioning and servicing, 36% faster funding and 60% cost savings.

Through this partnership, Boss Insights can securely and reliably access financial accounts on the MX financial data platform while MX clients gain better, more in-depth financial insights to manage their finances.

“The partnership of MX and Boss Insights demonstrates the power and role of connectivity and data in the future of finance. As a leader in Open Finance, MX is committed to expanding our partner ecosystem with reputable partners who align to our overarching mission and stringent data and security standards,” said Don Parker, Executive Vice President of Partnerships, MX. “Today’s partnership with Boss Insights demonstrates our commitment to Power the Open Finance Economy.”

To learn more about how to become an MX partner, please contact [email protected].