Bower Wins The Peltarion Startup Program For Their Crowdsourced Recycling App


About Bower

Bower is a Swedish based company working towards the vision of a better, recycling world. The company’s crowdsourced app lets people add or find their closest recycling station, scan their packages and then get rewarded for each package deposited at the recycling station.

The Peltarion platform is an operational no-code AI platform that allows its users to build, train and deploy deep learning models based on image, text, tabular or a combination of data types, making the platform flexible and agile to meet customers’ needs. The Peltarion Startup Program is an AI accelerator program where companies get help from Peltarion experts to build and integrate AI into their products and processes.


About The Winning Contribution

Bower facilitates the growth of their service by letting their users upload additional recycling stations to the app. The user-added recycling stations are then manually reviewed by the Bower team before approved. And with over 30.000 stations uploaded by users in Sweden alone, this translates into 1000 images and 2 hours of manual reviews for one person each week.

Through participating in the Peltarion Startup program, Bower built and implemented an image classification model for automatically analyzing and classifying all new user-uploaded images. Bower successfully reduced the time spent on manually reviewing images by 75%, from 2 hours to 18 minutes.



At Bower, we’re aiming to become the world’s first global recycling solution, and machine learning enables us to grow faster, provide better experiences for our users, and to relieve our support team.

We entered the Peltarion competition to come one step closer to our goals, with expert help and tools. And we can proudly say that we did!

For us, this has been a great opportunity to build, learn, and understand how we will use AI at Bower, now and in the future. The platform that Peltarion has let us iterate faster than if we would develop this ourselves, and the ease of deploying models made it super easy to test and analyze what we have built, so we could reach the quality we were looking for.


About Peltarion

Peltarion is a leading AI innovator with its head office in Stockholm. The first platform “Synapse” was released in 2004, and since then, Peltarion has helped companies and organisations like NASA, Tesla, Dell and Harvard to benefit from AI. The vision for Peltarion is to make AI accessible and affordable to more people and create a platform where people can work with AI without needing the skills of a data scientist, is a step towards this vision. Among the Peltarion customers, you will find doctors fighting cancer, carmakers optimising battery power, curators identifying moods in music, farmers keeping their crops secure. And the opportunities to do more expand every day.