Brexit border issues to have workable solution

Brexit border issues to have workable solution with Elandbridge, Harod Associates partnership managing borders and the flow of goods.


New Collaboration


Elandbridge, the provider of frictionless trade solution TruckPass, has announced its partnership with highly-respected Harod Associates Borders and Security Ltd., trading as HABS Customs (HABS), a customs brokerage and consultancy company.

HABS, whose capabilities include a customs clearance facility to support the movement of goods between Great Britain and the European Union, will work in partnership with Elandbridge to establish customs and veterinary clearance facilities in Great Britain. This will enable the friction-free movement of goods in sealed containers between the UK mainland, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Benefits of the Partnership


There are many benefits to the new partnership:

  • Alternative way of managing the flow of goods between Great Britain and the island of Ireland, which reduces the visibility and perception of a border in the Irish Sea.
  • Maintaining an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Enabling the flow of goods between the Republic of Ireland and the EU mainland as well as the intra-UK land-bridge between the Port of Dublin and Northern Ireland.
  • Providing customs and veterinary data for SPS-certified goods to the appropriate authorities simultaneously and in real time.
  • Warnings in real time if the seal has been broken or tampered with.
  • Real-time tracking of all consignments.
  • Innovative customs controls have been working successfully across the English Channel short sea and rail route for many years and continue to do so. There is no reason why similar innovative solutions could not exist across the Irish Sea.


How the Partnership will Improve the Post-Brexit Situation


HABS is a specialist in the complexities of international supply chains and brings practical insights and best-practice experience to border control. The company is currently prioritising the backlog of Customs declarations building up in the UK and, working with Elandbridge, expects to greatly improve the post-Brexit situation, particularly in regard to the Northern Ireland border issues.


Charles Le Gallais, Elandbridge CEO & Founder, commented: “HABS Customs have an exceptional depth of understanding when it comes to border and logistics issues and it is significant for Elandbridge that they have been quick to see the potential our TruckPass brings to these problems. Clearly, by working together we are able to bring a powerful and effective answer to the serious challenges facing the haulage and logistic sectors, both now and into the future.”


Martin Dubbey, Managing Director of HABS Customs, commented: “The timing of the partnership is ideal in resolving the post-Brexit challenges. Our combined experience, technology and focus provide a real-world solution to the issues and problems presented by border crossings, both at the EU/Northern Ireland border and elsewhere in the world. By intelligently linking the latest technology with our deep subject knowledge we are able to provide security, integrity and accountability for every piece of cargo in every truck and, in effect, create a priority lane at the border.”