Britons Wary of Data Privacy, New Survey Shows

A new survey from ZIPZERO, the app turning consumer data into cash rewards, has found growing concerns about data privacy among people in the UK. According to the study, a majority feel insecure about the handling and collection of their personal data.

Britons Think Their Devices Are Listening

The research revealed that 56% of respondents believe their smart devices—such as phones, tablets, and smart home gadgets—are listening to their conversations without permission. These figures suggest that many people are skeptical about how secure their devices really are.

Government and Big Companies Get a Thumbs Down

ZIPZERO’s research found that 72% of people feel the government isn’t doing enough to protect them from intrusive data tracking. Another 72% think large technology companies know an uncomfortable amount about their personal habits and preferences. People want more government action to restrict what these companies can do with the data they collect.

Public Calls for More Control Over Personal Data

79% of those surveyed want to control the collection, storage, and use of their online data more tightly. They also want the power to decide who can see their information and why.

A Gap in Public Understanding

Despite these concerns, the survey found a gap in public knowledge. Only 44% think they understand how their data gets used online, and a mere 32% are aware of how much companies profit from their information.


Should Consumers Profit from Their Own Data?

The research also touched on the concept of data ownership, finding that 65% believe they should have the opportunity to make money from their data before third parties get the chance.

Mohsin Rashid, CEO of ZIPZERO, said, “The survey shows some troubling insights about how people view the security of their data. It might be easy to dismiss those who think their devices are listening in as overly cautious, but it signals a larger concern. People clearly want more control over their data, and they also want the government to offer more protection.”

What ZIPZERO Offers

ZIPZERO aims to give power back to consumers. Its app lets users upload their shopping receipts to earn cash rewards that can help pay household bills. The funding for these rewards comes from advertisers, including major retailers and brands, who gain unique insights into consumer behavior. In this way, ZIPZERO seeks to give people a more direct benefit from their personal data.

Survey Methodology

The survey, conducted by market research agency Opinium from March 3 to March 7, 2023, included 2,000 UK adults in its online poll. Opinium follows the strict guidelines set by the Market Research Society (MRS).

Adherence to MRS guidelines ensures the study’s reliability, and the sample represents the UK population.

The survey shows a growing concern among UK citizens about their data privacy. With a majority of people unclear about the handling and monetisation of their data, public opinion strongly calls for tech companies and the government to take protective action. It’s now up to them to answer these calls.