Quarter of Brits More Inclined to Use Health App Than Visit Hospital Or GP

A new survey conducted by Quin, finds that 26% of the UK public would rather use health apps than visit a GP or hospital, and that usage of health apps has increased by 37% since the pandemic began. The data also reveals that over half (55%) would trust a diagnosis provided by an app and a quarter of those say they are more trusting of apps since the outbreak.

  • 26% would rather use a health-tech app than visiting a GP or hospitals, since Covid-19
  • One-third are more likely to download a health app since the pandemic began
  • 78% of people think health-tech apps could alleviate many healthcare challenges, but just 11% have ever used one to manage a health condition

As The Times recently reported, there is an NHS waiting list of roughly 15.3 million patients who need follow-up appointments for their health problems. The backlog is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it threatens to become a health crisis of its own with extremely long wait times during which unaddressed conditions can become more urgent. While there’s no substitute for a GP or hospital visit, remote and automated tools, such as health apps, could play a role in addressing this issue.

When surveyed about their opinion towards health-tech apps, 78% feel that introducing apps into healthcare could alleviate many common challenges. A significant majority of respondents to Quin’s survey, 87%, agree that health-tech apps give individuals the freedom and independence to better manage their lifestyle and wellness. Despite these promising numbers, only 11% have ever used a health app personally. This suggests that the apps on offer aren’t up to the public’s expectations of the future of healthcare.

Cyndi Williams, CEO at Quin, says: “The industry needs to put more focus and money into making health-tech apps that people want and need to manage their daily lifestyles and health conditions. The shift in public opinion towards health-tech apps, in light of the pandemic, shows that there is a demand for data-driven smarter tech solutions. By providing the public with this technology, we can better manage our lifestyles independently, require fewer GP and hospital visits and improve our quality of life.”

Quin is a first-of-its-kind app that provides individualised insulin-dosing guidance by more holistically accounting for the behavioural and physiological factors at play in the daily life of a person with diabetes. Three-quarters (76%) of beta testers reported improved quality of life after using the app and 35% improved their HbAc1 levels. Quin is free to use and available on the Apple App Store to users in the UK and Ireland.