BT Launches New ‘Dedicated Connection’ Home Broadband Service

  • New Dedicated Connection service launched for consumers, featuring free installation, BT’s Smart Hub 2, Complete Wi-Fi and BT Halo 2 – with a keep Connected Promise and a free home optimisation visit from a Home Tech Expert
  • New service comes as 32% of consumers in the UK believe a second dedicated home broadband line would improve their ability to work from home
  • The service is available to any UK broadband customer, and is perfect for those who want to double their broadband connectivity with a dedicated connection for working from home, gaming or even home schooling – with BT customers receiving a £10 per month discount
  • Dedicated Connection forms part of BT’s comprehensive range of home broadband solutions for consumers which also includes Fibre, Full Fibre, and 4G Wi-Fi

 BT today announced the launch of a new Dedicated Connection home broadband service for consumers across the UK. The service is specifically designed for customers, regardless of who their current broadband provider is, who want the reassurance that increased bandwidth will provide them to help minimise disruption when working from home, gaming or online schooling, differentiating this package from other business internet offerings. The move forms part of BT’s comprehensive home broadband solutions for UK consumers which includes Fibre, Full Fibre, and 4G Wi-Fi.

The new Dedicated Line service follows a recent survey of UK consumers which saw 32% believe a second dedicated home broadband line would improve their ability to work from home, and 27% believe a second line would help with harmonising family relations at this time.

The Dedicated Connection package comes with a free line install and BT Halo 2, offering BT’s Keep Connected Promise – where BT will send out a 4G mini-hub in the rare event they have a problem with their broadband. Customers will also receive the latest home router – the Smart Hub 2, and Complete Wi-Fi as standard, guaranteeing a fast connection in every single room of the home, or £100 back.

On top of that, BT monitors the performance to identify and remotely fix any issues with a customer’s connection should it occur and has a team of 3,000 security experts worldwide that constantly monitor the BT network to keep customers’ connections safe. Customers who take out the new service will also receive a visit from one of BT’s Home Tech Experts who will ensure the new connection is up and running seamlessly, for however they want to use it. With two-hour appointments available, seven-days a week, it provides flexible reassurance when customers need it most.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer division said: “Our new Dedicated Connection service is specifically designed to provide additional reassurance for consumers, regardless of their existing provider. It will allow them to double the connectivity potential in their home, providing a single connection they can use for activities such as working from home, gaming or online schooling – enabling them to get a reliable connection without disruption.”

BT Dedicated Connection pricing:

  Price per month* What’s included
Existing BT broadband customers £49.99
  • 2nd dedicated line into customers’ homes
  • Smart Hub 2 with Complete Wi-Fi
  • BT Halo 2, with BT’s Keep Connected Promise
  • Dedicated setup from one of BT’s Home Tech Experts
  • McAfee Virus Protect and True Key password manager
  • Proactive network monitoring
Non-BT broadband customers £59.99

*24-month contract

With BT Halo 2, customers can also take advantage of double mobile data if they choose to take an additional BT Mobile plan.

BT’s new dedicated home broadband line service forms part of BT’s wider suite of solutions for UK consumers. If the customers’ current line is already with BT, BT will look to ensure their service is optimised for their needs, before installing a second dedicated home broadband line. This includes upgrading to:

  • The fastest Super-Fastspeed
  • Full Fibre, the UK’s most reliable broadband technology, with gigabit speeds that are up to 25 times faster than Superfast fibre

For more information and to acquire a second dedicated home broadband line, customers can call BT or visit from 12th June 2020.

For people working from home, it’s an alternative to taking a business broadband line from BT which offers sole-traders, micro-businesses and SMEs the full range of business-grade features. This includes superfast and full fibre options, with access to 24/7 customer service support and static IP addresses to support web hosting and remote access. Business customers can also choose to add a digital phone line to their business broadband package, which helps them stay connected with customers and colleagues when out and about via a mobile app. BT’s 4G Assure product also keeps businesses connected at all time by automatically switching to 4G if they have an issue with their fixed line connection.