Businesses Are Now Using AI-Generated Visuals For Brand Communication

The latest survey conducted by Canva, involving over 3,700 business leaders globally, reveals a move towards visual communication generated by AI. The survey, part of the Canva Visual Economy Report 2024, shows how businesses are increasingly making use of visuals to bring brand clarity and engagement in communications.

When referring to visual communication, this is how graphics such as videos, images and graphics are used to convey a message to audiences in an effective and strategic way. Now, the visual economy is where visual communication is used to grow businesses. The report, among other things, found that 89% of businesses are more so able to articulate themselves when using visuals, rather than any other format.

What Else Did The Survey Uncover?

82% of business leaders now use AI tools for creating visual content, with 77% admitting to an improvement in business outcomes, such as faster content creation and better collaboration. The use of visual aids is becoming essential for business efficiency and engagement across departments, from sales to human resources.

Findings From Business Leaders


  • 73% of leaders are increasing their investment in visual communication tools.
  • 90% of sales leaders find that visuals speed up the sales cycle.
  • 89% of HR professionals observed quicker hiring processes with the use of visual aids.



What’s Driving The Change To Visuals?

As we know, visuals are this era’s “currency” for communication that allow organisations to connect effectively with audiences. The change is mainly driven by the growing need for information to be processed more efficiently as our new tech world contains so much data. Visuals help simplify info, so its more digestible for audiences.

With this age being the “attention economy”, audiences are more likely to engage with content that isn’t too much to take in, hence the rise of media apps like TikTok and YouTube- if the information can be simplified and presented in an appealing way, there’s more chance for engagement.

What The Visual Economy Data Means For Startups

Of course, this includes startups. When advertising, announcing and introducing the business, its important to do so in an efficient way that captivates people while sending across the intended message.

Duncan Clark, Head of Europe at Canva commented, “As startups scale and become more fast-paced, there’s a growing need for quality visual communication to drive collaboration and convey ideas internally and externally. That starts with having easy-to-use, interoperable tools to streamline workflows and create content at scale while maintaining brand consistency.

“The report found that 94% of UK business leaders believe that visual communication makes their organisations more efficient. For startups, the advantages are huge. By integrating visual tools, startups can enhance team collaboration, accelerate decision-making, and improve overall productivity, all of which are fundamental when starting and growing a business.

“The report also showed that 72% of business leaders agree that visual communication tools have reduced overheads, empowering their teams to do more work with the same amount of people and resources. For startup founders and leaders, being able to do more with less is crucial in the early stages of growth.”