Can We Travel More Sustainably in 2022?

Staze is the app helping you to travel more sustainability in 2022; filter hotels based on their carbon footprint and reduce the impact that your travel makes on the world.


Filter Hotels By Their Carbon Footprint

Staze is the first hotel booking platform to let you filter millions of hotels across the world by their carbon footprint. Each Staze booking is also double carbon offset to ensure that your trips have a positive impact on the planet.

Their carbon calculations use a range of data sources, from the official Carbon Disclosure Project to direct submissions by hotels. They are updated daily to accurately display the carbon emissions of booking a night at any of their millions of hotels.

Can Sustainability & Travel Be Compatible?

The London-based startup was founded just 3 weeks before the UK’s first lockdown by Jay Olenicz, Henry Popiolek & Dustin Silk. Part of TechZero & the UK Green Building Council, they raised £500k during the pandemic to accelerate their mission of making travel green.

“We love travel, but we have to face the reality that it harms our planet. The vision we work towards at Staze is a world where travel can continue to make our lives better while also being a force for good for the planet”

“There’s a lot of noise about sustainability in travel, but what sustainable-minded travellers really need is the data to make more informed decisions. We want to shift the conversation towards how effectively hotels are reducing carbon emissions”


Thirst for Sustainable Travel

After 2 years of restricted travel, it is easy to see why travellers are eager to get back out into the world. However, this year there will be a focus on how to balance wanderlust with a reduced carbon footprint. Sustainable travel will be a hot topic this year as tourism companies try to work towards their Zero-emission goals. Trends that are set to be popular this year for travel include reducing overtourism, financially incentivising sustainability initiatives and eco-tourism packages.

With travel companies trying to compensate their losses of the last 2 years, it will be interesting to see how they juggle profit with sustainability.