Carbon Neutral Pledge: ‘Client Forest’ Planted in Moldova

Bristol-based Amdaris plants ‘client forest’ in Moldova to mark launch of significant carbon reduction goal.


Amdaris Announces Client Forest in Moldova

Bristol-based digital transformation and software development specialist Amdaris today announced its substantial tree planting efforts for the development of a new client-dedicated forest in the Republic of Moldova. The forest, based in the Criuleni District in Moldova, will honour the company’s goal to become carbon neutral.

The tree-planting effort sees the company dedicate a share of its profits to purchasing and planting trees on pieces of land dedicated to each of Amdaris’ customers. Each client has 30 square meters of forest planted in their name, which is marked with a commemorative certificate.

A similar project is also being extended to other European areas including Romania, where a local NGO is planting trees on behalf of Amdaris (due to Covid-19 restrictions). Staff who wish to purchase and plant a tree via the NGO will then have their tree planting contribution matched by Amdaris, who will plant a second tree.


Carbon Neutral Pledge

As a key part of Amdaris’ pledge to become carbon neutral, the forest planting initiative in Moldova and Romania is a leading activity in the company’s wider corporate social responsibility programme. Amdaris has aligned all activity to the Environmental Protection Initiative and is focused on encouraging the use of natural resources in a responsible and conscious way. Amdaris co-CEOs Vlad Nanu and Andy Rogers are dedicated to ensuring that all company activity simultaneously contributes to the well-being of society in the locations Amdaris operates, working to its defined triple bottom line of performance:  people, profit and planet.

Vlad Nanu, Co-CEO at Amdaris, commented: “We are delighted to announce the Amdaris forest green initiative in Moldova. We are dedicated to aligning our company strategies with environmentally friendly operations, and our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the countries we operate in and inspire other local companies to follow our example. Amdaris embraces both social and sustainability goals in order to reach our ambitious aim to become carbon neutral.”

Glyn Blaize, COO at Amdaris, added: “At Amdaris we are more than just a digital transformation company. We recognise the vast environmental responsibilities technology companies hold around the world. The Amdaris forest showcases our company value to comply with the triple bottom line – people, profit and the planet.”

The Republic of Moldova and Romania are locations of great importance to Amdaris, being a key part of the company’s European growth plan. Amdaris recently saw the opening of new technology centres throughout Europe and the creation of 1,000 new roles, and likewise, the Moldovan office recently marked the hire of its 300th team member. Moldova is also of personal significance to Amdaris Co-CEO Vlad Nanu, a graduate of the Technical University of Moldova, which has benefited from a joint partnership with and investment from Amdaris in the form of a new auditorium. As a part of Amdaris’ CSR programme, the company supports and collaborates with several NGOs, aiming to help people in Moldova to live in a clean and healthy environment.