Revolutionary CarTech Device Carly Launches in The UK

Carly, the disruptive CarTech company that directly connects drivers with their car’s under-the bonnet data, launches their hotly anticipated Universal Onboard Diagnostic Scanner in the UK on 19th July, following significant success and over two million users across Europe and the US.

Carly aims to revolutionise the car industry by giving drivers the ability to directly access their car’s diagnostics systems, without needing to visit a garage. The Carly app and its accompanying scanner offers car owners, regardless of technical expertise, the opportunity to perform vehicle diagnostics, view live data, and take advantage of expert guidance from their in-pocket Smart Mechanic feature.

The Carly scanner packs innovative technology into a sleek, compact device that can simply be placed into the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port of a vehicle made after 2000. When partnered with the user-friendly Carly app, the scanner can effortlessly read and clear fault codes, perform advanced diagnostics, perform battery health check and, depending on the user’s car make and model, code certain car features and check for mileage manipulation.

Although scanning data from the OBD port of a car is a method that has been used by mechanics for many years, this data has never been made directly accessible to consumers.

Carly’s revolutionary technology aims to disrupt this narrative and put car owners back in the driving seat, by providing access to the data behind the bonnet and making it understandable for users. With its pioneering app you no longer need to be a mechanic to take control of your car’s health.

The game changing Carly technology offers users access to six primary features including Diagnostics, Smart Mechanic, Battery Health, Engine Live Data, Maintenance and Coding. The Carly Diagnostics feature provides a detailed picture of the health of your vehicle by reading out fault codes from up to 80 electronic control units (ECUs) and combining them with additional consumer friendly information.

This Data is then utilised in the Carly Smart Mechanic feature which provides users with specific details on the severity of any issues and ease of repair, alongside actionable repair guidelines written by expert mechanics.

With the cost of living soaring in the UK, motorists are reporting car repair price hikes of up to 90%*. With car repair and maintenance costs becoming an even larger source of anxiety for car owners across the UK, Carly is a vital companion to help owners stay on top of their car’s health and helps users to pre-empt issues. Like a blood test for your car, Carly’s combination of features helps to create a real-time image of your car’s health within the easy-to-use Carly app, highlighting potential faults and providing detailed information on each issue.

The Carly Maintenance feature allows users to perform their own car services at home and keep track of service intervals, helping to keep cars running healthier for longer and avoid those dreaded dashboard light moments.

Carly is the only CarTech brand disrupting the automotive industry to put consumers back at the heart of it by delivering knowledge into the palm of their hands. Avid Avini, co-founder of Carlyadds, “If there is one thing we want to achieve, it is putting car owners back into the spotlight within an industry that seems to have forgotten about the car owner. We want to bring this offering to UK drivers and help them feel in control of their car’s health and expenses during a time when everyone cannot afford to overspend”.

Carly will officially launch in the UK on 19th July 2023, with the scanner available to buy directly from their website and the app downloadable from the app stores of any device. Users can choose from several options, including:

●        Scanner only with free app – £74.80One time purchase with option to upgrade to paid annual subscription in app later

●        Premium Package (Single Brand) – From £56Single brand annual subscription, includes Scanner and all available features excluding Smart mechanic

o   Upgrade to All Brands – From £20.84All brands access, upgrade your premium subscription with access to all vehicle brands

o   Smart Mechanic – £35.99Smart Mechanic, a highly valuable addition to the premium package, unlocking decades of technical automotive experience.

For the car owners who are not ready to commit to a premium package immediately, the free to use app still packs a wealth of value by giving access to full OBD features including OBD level diagnostics, OBD level parameters, and the emissions check.