Centurion Plus International AG: Representing one of Africa’s Top Legal Firms

The Centurion Plus International AG is the first African service firm, which has listed on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange – whereby the latter constitutes not only a historical step, but also underlines its aim to accelerate the success of Africa’s diverse and emerging economies. Being well aware that there is still a lot of networking to be done and that there are still a lot of knowledge exchanges needed between Africa and Europe – as well as between African countries and Germany, the Centurion Plus International AG has made it one of its central objectives to support African entrepreneurs in Germany and to support German entrepreneurs in Africa. In addition to this primary objective, Centurion Plus International AG is also very open to support multicultural and multinational businesses across both continents.

Representing one of Africa’s top legal firms, Centurion Plus International AG builds on a history of experience, including in Germany. So far, it has already supported firms such as Lufthansa and Deutsche Post DHL Group. With the listing on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange in February 2022, it is expected that Centurion Plus International AG’s portfolio will further expand, especially because international investors can now more easily seize the opportunity to support Africa’s success and growth. Whereas Centurion International AG offers a range of legal services across areas such as energy and natural resources, infrastructure, transportation and logistics, telecommunication, media and technology, its particular expertise lies in the domain of energy.

Covering fields such as corporate and commercial, regulatory and compliance, tax and investments services, and many others, Centurion International AG has been set up to support German businesses with understanding African markets and vice versa. One common narrative, which has certainly been evolving in the most recent times in Germany and Africa, is that of start-ups as catalyzers of the economy and societal change, and that of renewables and hydrogen as a pathway towards a more sustainable, inclusive and equal future. Centurion International AG supports such a future seeking “to [also] tap into German capital markets to finance the acquisition of small and medium-sized advisory firms, independent of our current share price, and thus, increase earnings per share for our investors”, as NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion Law Group, says.



Being a firm believer in free market capitalism and market driven ideas, Centurion Plus International AG has committed itself to promote African, German, European and global development through its very own approach, which entails the provision of legal support through a tailor-made, flexible and on-demand customer experience. Next to putting a strong emphasis on the legal demands and needs of clients as well as top-notch legal expertise and support in various languages and across multiple African jurisdictions, Centurion Plus International AG strongly has made a private equity approach in acquiring and investing in law firms a central aspect of its core strategy. Cooperation among top legal firms and professionals becomes ever more important in the worlds of global business and mobility.

In other words, Centurion Plus International AG is well aware that local development is very well dependent on global development and vice versa. As NJ Ayuk has emphasised, “Centurion is proud to have built something that now belongs to everyone. As a firm, we are committed to African people and Africa’s development, and feel that it is exceptionally important that the firm is now owned by employees and the public. With a mandate to facilitate increased trade, business and investment in a myriad of African sectors, the listing on the Open Market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange will be instrumental in our ambition to drive economic growth and multilateral partnerships”.