Daniele Mensi, CEO of Nexthash Group, comments on the landmark launch


In the current financial world, many people start investing their money after years of professional investment, because it requires business understanding, in-depth financial knowledge and network connections. However, with today’s financial media, online learning courses, and vast array of educational material on investing, many are looking for a transparent, compliant platform to use their disposable income and knowledge of growing companies to turn a profit.

That is why today, Nexthash, the leading cryptocurrency experts, are launching the world’s first IEO, in association with its digital exchange platform, Nexinter, to offer early stage token offerings, enabling an easier avenue for a new generation of investors to disrupt the $1.6 trillion private placement market.

To be involved in the IEO, NIXT token holders will receive the benefit to participate in private placements of Digital Security Offerings as well as professional investors, as early as them, with exactly the same conditions. Anybody will be able to join the Nexinter Private Placement Offering by just being a NIXT token holder and invest in the future Digital Securities handled, issued and listed by Nexinter.

The Token Generation Event will be executed after the IEO and the NIXT tokens are distributed on contributors’ wallets on the Nexinter exchange, based on the “NIXT Token Distribution” formula. After the successful distribution process, the NIXT token will be traded, withdrawn or deposited on or from the Nexinter Exchange.

Discussing the launch of the IEO, Nexthash CEO Daniele Mensi commented: “I believe our IEO is extremely different, because we are very clear about the utility of the token we are creating to deliver the financial inclusive vision that we will deliver with our Nexinter ecosystem, which is a fully regulated and compliant environment. Furthermore, we are very clear about the fact that our platform is up and running and we are not bootstrapping. Our idea is to build a world-wide community, active 24/7, that will be deeply involved into the participation of security token offerings.

We envision a future where anyone is being offered the opportunity to be aware, self-educated and participate in the value creation process of the new companies of the futures, the new stocks. At early stage as professionals do. Think about IPOs and current stock valuations, don’t you believe it is time to rebuild the rules of company’s valuations to truly reflects market value?

We have built our Nexinter exchange because we strongly believe that it will represent the heart of the ecosystem for a new category of investors, companies seeking to grow their capital, investment funds, venture capital, family offices, traders and so on.
The exchange is not just a listing platform to provide access to primary and secondary markets, but it is an effective marketplace where business meets communities and investors, borderless, 24/7.”

Ana Becic, NextHash’s president, added: “the cause of the collapse of the ICOs was that everybody was raising capital out of thin air, unlike our IEO.”

Our Initial Exchange Offering will be done on Nexinter Exchange (https://ieo.nexinter.com).
Sign-up and complete the KYC on Nexinter Exchange — this is necessary to participate on the IEO.