ChatGPT Down A Day After Enterprise Launch

Yesterday, ChatGPT, the chatbot many people rely on, went offline. OpenAI confirmed that the chatbot was down on both web and mobile platforms and stated they were actively working on a solution.

User Confusion and Concern

During the outage, some users received a “blocked” message from Cloudflare, a web services company.

This led to worries that individual users were being singled out and blocked. OpenAI later clarified that the issue was technical and not personal.

A History of Stability

ChatGPT has been mostly reliable since its launch. OpenAI reports that the chatbot has been available 99.88% of the time over the last three months.

This reliability has contributed to its immense popularity. Since its launch at the end of November, it has become one of the fastest-growing websites ever.

New Business Features

The outage happened just one day after OpenAI introduced a business-focused version of ChatGPT.

This new version aims to meet the needs of companies with features like enhanced security and privacy. OpenAI has set the price based on how much a company plans to use the service.

The Outage Timeline

OpenAI first noted the problem as a “partial outage” on their status updates page.

They later updated this to a “major outage” and stated they were investigating.

After some time, OpenAI confirmed that they had fixed the issue and that the chatbot was operational again.


Other Chatbot Options

While ChatGPT was down, users turned to other chatbots like Google Bard and Claude 2.

These alternatives offer similar features but couldn’t replace the familiarity that users have with ChatGPT.

The Fix and Recovery

OpenAI acted quickly to resolve the issue. They updated their status page to say that they had fixed the problem and that the chatbot was recovering.

Users who had been blocked found that they could access the service again.

User Reports

More than 5,000 users in the United States and almost 1,000 in the UK reported problems with ChatGPT on

Users from other countries also reported issues. Messages ranged from “service unavailable” to complete inability to access the landing page.

Lessons for the Future

The outage shows how much people depend on services like ChatGPT. It also points to the importance of having backup plans.

OpenAI’s quick action to fix the problem and keep users informed serves as a good example for other companies.

What Comes Next?

With the chatbot back online and a new business version available, ChatGPT is back to its usual operations.

OpenAI hasn’t given details about what caused the outage, but users are eager to continue using the service for both personal and professional needs.

The day’s events may have been disruptive, but ChatGPT remains a popular tool that many people find useful.