Chit-Chat Launches to Re-Connect The Nation Through Conversation


TODAY, chit-chat a new social enterprise which provides a platform for people to have meaningful conversations and interact with others, officially launches across the UK. The new dial-in phone line encourages individuals who fancy a natter to get in touch.

Research by the Mental Health Foundation [1] reveals that loneliness has doubled in lockdown, particularly amongst young people – 44 per cent of those aged 18-24 have experienced loneliness.  The impact of isolating from family and friends is resulting in millions feeling alone and unable to simply have a conversation with someone – a natural human instinct.

Born in the North West of England during the peak of a global pandemic and lockdown regulations, chit-chat strives to tackle this epidemic of loneliness and keep the nation connected through the power of everyday conversation.

Unlike other charity phonelines, chit-chat is an innovative phone line with no need for labels. To ‘chit-chatters’ (phone volunteers), your gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, race, religion, or mental health struggle are not at the forefront of conversation like they can be with other chatline services.

chit-chat simply aims to give people the chance to have an everyday conversation, which we have lost touch with as a result of as a result of covid-19. Anyone (over 18) is welcome to pick up the phone and have a chit-chat with their volunteers, discussing topics that matter to them and their interests.

In the first 5-weeks of operation, chit-chat has connected with over 82,000 people on social media, answered over 250 calls from people wanting a chat and secured strategic partnerships with the National Lottery and Mental Health First Aid England.

Founder and CEO of chit-chat, Lewis Alexander Baxter, stated: “chit-chat is a real feel-good project in what are extremely challenging times, bringing people together and allowing callers to chat about their interests. Our mission is simple: we’re here to unlock the power of conversation.”

Whilst they are not a mental health helpline, medical organisation or counselling service, chit-chat can provide a friendly chat with anyone who reaches out. They have a full internal safeguarding policy and train all volunteers, creating a safe space for everyone who uses their service.

This organisation aims to fill a gap in need in the UK and is here to stay, building a sustainable non-profit fit for the future, providing people from all backgrounds with a place for human connections and interactions.

Grab a brew, your favourite snacks, get comfortable and have a chit-chat by calling 0333 002 0333

The chit-chat LINE is open 9am-9pm, seven days a week.

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