A Bootstrapping Sex Ed Platform Expands in Europe to Close the Pleasure Gap

Femtech company CLIMAX launch in the UK with Netflix style series after huge success in France

A pioneering and innovative online series, grounded in science, has landed. CLIMAX launches with the aim to be the worldwide leader in sex education and to achieve pleasure equality for all. In a world where only 39% of women regularly orgasm during sex, compared to 91% of men and where women reported less satisfaction and less pleasure from sexual activity, in a phenomenon called the ‘Pleasure Gap’.




The Femtech startup has become a household name in its native France, after launching in 2019, to help everyone (re)discover female pleasure. The video series, which is growing 10% month-on-month, has huge ambitions and in the next few months will launch in Italy, followed by Australia and USA in 2021.

Founded by business entrepreneur Laurène Dorléac, who at the age of 28 realised there was a huge gap in the market which needed to be addressed. She developed CLIMAX as a way to champion female pleasure and educate people all over the globe.

Working with the some of the world’s most respected doctors and sex therapists, the video series takes a direct scientific approach to female pleasure. Gathering the most up to date studies and research, from 20 international studies and +90,000 people, to create the three-level sex-ed video series that is available to purchase and then watch immediately on any device.

Laurène built the platform on personal funds and has achieved organic growth with zero advertising. Putting in all profits back into the business, and with no plans to open up for investment. Instead her business model is focused on reinvesting what she earns to allow her to expand internationally.

Season 1, which is the first in the series to launch, focuses exclusively on external female pleasure and has seen incredible success. The 100% video, Netflix style video series, offers training and education for women and men, and addresses sex education in a practical and honest way. The series is also ideal for the medical field, with doctors recommending this to women and couples who may be struggling.

CEO and founder Laurène Dorléac says, “There has never been a more poignant time for CLIMAX to launch. We talk about gender equality in work and with pay but not when it comes to sexual pleasure. Our video series aims to educate everyone. Utilising the latest research and studies based on sex and pleasure, we aim to collate this to develop a range of video series centred around sexual education. The growth model we have implemented is quite bold as we have not accepted any external funds/investments as we wish to keep and maintain – as long as possible – an healthy and controlled growth. Our mission is to develop internationally, putting most of our profits into developing high quality video production, with 2 seasons a year to be released in each country, helping people improve their sexual lives in the most efficient way. We will continue to investigate new research and studies, while preserving the company culture and aim to be the world leader in online sex-ed courses”.

For a limited time video series are at 30% off, starting at £29 for the CLIMAX Education package and can be purchased at www.climax.how. Curious to know more, get one free episode at www.climax.how/curious